In Conjunction with 15th 3PGCIC-2020 Conference


Modelling and Simulation have become the de facto approach for studying the behaviour of complex engineering, enteprise information & communication systems before deployment in a real setting. The workshop is devoted to the advances in modelling and simulation techniques in fields of emergent computational systems in complex biological and engineering systems, and real life applications. 

Modelling and simulation are greatly benefiting from the fast development in information technologies. The use of mathematical techniques in the development of computational analysis together with the ever greater computational processing power is making possible the simulation of very large complex dynamic systems.  This workshop seeks relevant contributions to the modelling and simulation driven by computational technology.

The workshop seeks original contributions in all relevant areas, including but not limited to the following topics.

Topics of interest

  • Simulation models and tools.
  • Performance modelling and evaluation
  • Novel theoretical approaches for simulation and modelling
  • Modelling approaches to Enterprise systems and services
  • Novel design approaches for simulation and modelling
  • Benchmarks, data sets and experimenting
  • Experimenting and simulation for virtual laboratories, remote system control
  • Case studies using simulation platforms/libraries for application evaluation