List of Accepted Papers


Accepted Paper List of AINA-2013 main conference

Paper Id (EDAS)

Paper Title



An Energy-Efficient Redundant Execution Algorithm by Terminating Meaningless Redundant Processes

Tomoya Enokido; Ailixier Aikebaier; Makoto Takizawa


An Approach to Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Applications

Markus Aleksy


A Dynamic Energy-aware Server Selection Algorithm

Takuro Inoue; Ailixier Aikebaier; Tomoya Enokido; Makoto Takizawa


An Extended Multimedia Quorum-based Synchronization Protocol

Tadateru Ohkawara; Ailixier Aikebaier; Tomoya Enokido; Makoto Takizawa


The inter-cloud meta-scheduling (ICMS) framework

Stelios Sotiriadis; Nik Bessis; Pierre Kuonen; Nikos Antonopoulos


Empowering Data Placement for Ad-hoc Queries in Mobile Broadcast Enviroments

Agustinus Borgy Waluyo; David Taniar; Srinivasan Bala


PLEMS: Plug Load Energy Management Solution for Enterprises

Animikh Ghosh; Ketan Patil; Sunil K Vuppala


Deterministic and Authenticated Flow Marking for IP Traceback

Vahid Aghaei Foroushani; Nur Zincir-Heywood


Performance Evaluation AODV and DSR Protocols in a VANET Scenario Using CAVENET and NS3

Evjola Spaho; Makoto Ikeda; Leonard Barolli; Muhammad Younas; Makoto Takizawa


Node Placement in WMNs: Performance Evaluation of WMN-GA System for Weibull and Exponential Distribution of Mesh Clients

Tetsuya Oda; Evjola Spaho; Admir Barolli; Leonard Barolli; Makoto Ikeda


Investigation of MANET Routing Protocols in Different Scenarios: A simulation Study

Elis Kulla; Makoto Ikeda; Leonard Barolli; Makoto Takizawa


A WMN-GA Simulation Analysis WWN Considering Client Connectivity

Makoto Ikeda; Tetsuya Oda; Elis Kulla; Taiki Honda; Leonard Barolli


A Real Data Investigation of OLSR Behavior for Different Parameters in a MANET Testbed

Masahiro Hiyama; Elis Kulla; Makoto Ikeda; Leonard Barolli


LABERIO: Dynamic load-balanced routing in OpenFlow-enabled networks

Hui Long; Yao Shen; Minyi Guo; Feilong Tang


A Energy Efficient Data Collection Method by Two Types Routes Selection in Triage Networks

Takuya Okamoto; Takuya Saito; Hiroshi Shigeno


Privacy-Preserving Distributed Decision Tree Learning with Boolean Class Attributes

Hiroaki Kikuchi


Object-Based Semantic Clustering for XML Twig Query Optimization

Norah Alghamdi; Wenny Rahayu; Eric Pardede


Using MIMO Techniques to Enhance Communication Among Static and Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks

Marco Marinho; Edison Pignaton de Freitas; Andre L. F. de Almeida; Joao Paulo C Lustosa da Costa; Rafael Timoteo de Sousa Junior


Coordination and Computation in distributed intelligent MEMS

Julien Bourgeois; Jiannong Cao; Michel Raynal; Dominique Dhoutaut; Benoit Piranda; Eugen Dedu; Ahmed Mostefaoui; Hakim Mabed


A Steady State GA for Ground Station Scheduling Problem

Fatos Xhafa; Admir Barolli; Makoto Takizawa


A robust un-supervised Neural Network based approach for predicting trust values of Cloud Services

Farookh Hussain


Efficient Indexing of Spatiotemporal Objects in Indoor Environments

Sultan Alamri


Wide Area Seamless Surveillance Video System to Recognize and Track Moving Objects Based on Gigabit Network

Yoshitaka Shibata; Takuma Kon; Noriki Uchida; Koji Hashimoto


Network Attack Analysis and the Behaviour Engine

Anthony Benham; Huw Read; Iain Sutherland


A Novel Cluster-based Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Aboobeker sidhik Koyamparambil mammu


A Routing Method for Top-k Query Processing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Daichi Amagata; Yuya Sasaki; Takahiro Hara; Shojiro Nishio


A Novel Power Aware Heterogeneous Routing Protocol for MANETs

Haidar Safa; Marcel Karam; Bassam Moussa


An Energy Efficient Distributed Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Mesh Networks

Kanthaiah Sivapragasam Vijayalayan; Aaron Harwood; Shanika Karunasekera


Performance Evaluation of a Multicast Routing Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks Considering Network Load

Akio Koyama


Directional Pulse/Tone Based Channel Reservation

Lucas Guimaraes; Jacir Luiz Bordim


Design of Optimized AODV Routing Protocol for Multi-Interface Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks

Won-suk Kim; Sang-Hwa Chung


A Highly Integrable FPGA-Based Runtime-Configurable Multilayer Perceptron

Jan Skodzik; Vlado Altmann; Benjamin Wagner; Peter Danielis; Dirk Timmermann


An Event-Driven Clustering Scheme for Data Aggregation in Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks

Besem Abid; Wiem Elghazel; Hamida Lagraa Seba; Souleymane Mbengue


Using Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems to Model and Foster Self-Regulated Learning: A Theoretically-Based Approach using Markov Decision Process

Babak Khosravifar; Francois Bouchet; Reza Feyzi-Behnagh; Roger Azevedo; Jason M Harley


Game-based Simulation of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack and Defense Mechanisms of Critical Infrastructures

Rainer Poisel; Marlies Rybnicek; Simon Tjoa


Investigating a Socially Inspired Heterogeneous System of Problem Solving Agents

Diego Vrague Noble; Ricardo Araujo; Luis Lamb


Using ontologies to build testbed for Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval Systems

Saloua Zammali


An Efficient Peer-to-Peer Semantic Overlay Network for Learning Query Routing

Taoufik Yeferny; Amel Bouzeghoub; Khedija Arour


A failure recovery method based on cycle structure and its verification by OpenFlow

Junichi Nagano; Norihiko Shinomiya


HCube: A Server-centric Data Center Structure for Similarity Search

Rodolfo da Silva Villaca; Rafael Pasquini; Luciano Bernardes de Paula; Mauricio Ferreira Magalhaes


A New Concurrency Control Language for Transactional Process in Service-Oriented Architecture

Gwan-Hwan Hwang; Chi Wu-Lee; Han-Meng Chiang


Scaling MapReduce Applications across Hybrid Clouds to Meet Soft Deadline

Michael Mattess; Rodrigo N. Calheiros; Rajkumar Buyya


Grid on Cloud

Shinchiro Kibe; Minoru Uehara; Motoi Yamagiwa


An Architecture for Community Clouds using Concepts of the Intercloud

Mark Gall; Angelika Schneider; Niels Fallenbeck


PaaS on IaaS

Shinchiro Kibe; Syota Watanabe; Kohta Kunishima; Ryo Adachi; Motoi Yamagiwa; Minoru Uehara


Intelligent Urban Video Surveillance System for Automatic Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Clouds

Yi-Ling Chen; Tse-Shih Chen; Tsiao-Wen Huang; Liang-Chun Yin; Shiou-Yaw Wang; Tzi-Cker Chiueh


ETIS - Efficient Trust and Identity Management System for Federated Service Providers

Sanjay Madria


AAGA: Affinity-Aware Grouping Method for Allocation of Virtual Machines

Jianhai Chen; Kevin Chiew; Deshi Ye; Zhu Liangwei; Wenzhi Chen


The Framework of Cloud Computing Platform for Massive Remote Sensing Images

Feng-Cheng Lin


Service Component Architecture for Geographic Information System in Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Feng-Cheng Lin


Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling in Multimedia servers

Alaa Brihi; Waltenegus Dargie


h-MapReduce: A Framework for Workload Balancing in MapReduce

Venkata Swamy Martha; Weizhong Zhao; Xiaowei Xu


QoS-Based Service Composition under Various QoS Requirements

Gang Wang


Does Live Migration of Virtual Machines cost Energy?

Anja Strunk; Waltenegus Dargie


CloudServ: PaaS resources provisioning for service-based applications

Sami Yangui; Samir Tata


An Efficient Grouped Virtual Mapreduce Cluster

Yang Yang; Xiang Long; Bo Jiang


An evolutionary approach for SLA-based cloud resource provisioning

Victor Ion Munteanu; Teodor-Florin Forti_; Viorel Negru


Boosting Metrics for Cloud Services Evaluation - The Last Mile of Using Benchmark Suites

Zheng Li; Liam O'Brien; Rainbow Cai; He Zhang


Cloud-Aware Middleware

Tercio Morais; Diego Liberalquino; Nelson Souto Rosa


Adding Monitoring and Reconfiguration Facilities for Service-based Applications in the Cloud

Mohamed Mohamed; Djamel Belaid; Samir Tata


Scheduling of Sporadic Tasks with Deadline Constrains in Cloud Environments

Florin Pop; Ciprian Dobre; Valentin Cristea; Nik Bessis


Joint Reliable and Available Data Replication Planning for Cloud Storage

Yean-Fu Wen; Joolahluk Janpet


A New Binomial Conservative Multiplicative Cascade Approach for Network Traffic Modeling

Jeferson Stenico; Luan Ling Lee


EDCA 802.11e performance under different scenarios

Santiago Perez; Higinio Facchini; Gustavo Mercado; Luis Bisaro; Javier Campos


Efficient Power Allocation for Video over Superposition Coding

Chun Pong Lau; Kamran Jamshaid; Basem Shihada


A Short introduction to Synchronous Communication

Michel Raynal


Supporting Cross Layer Interactions on Wireless Protocol Stack

Sunil B Jardosh


A Cache Raplacement Method for Crowded Streaming Cache Servers Responding to Rapidly Changing Access Patterns

Toru Osuga; Takayoshi Asakura; Kunihiro Taniguchi


On the efectiveness of multi-criteria decision mechanisms for vertical handoff

Carlos Ramirez-Perez; Victor Ramos


A Task Migration Technique for Temperature Control in 3D NoCs

Neda Hassanpour; Shaahin Hessabi; Parisa Khadem Hamedani


A QoS-Aware Uplink Scheduling Paradigm for LTE Networks

Haidar Safa; Wassim El-Hajj; Kamal Tohme


Comparing OpenFlow Controller Paradigms: Reactive and Proactive

Marcial P Fernandez


An effective QoS Providing Mechanism Using Prediction-based Decentralized Routing

Abutaleb Turky


A Multi-Factors Cell Selection Scheme for Heterogeneous Networks with Multimedia Traffic

Wen-Ching Chung; Chung-Ju Chang; Chih-Yuan Hsieh; Yung-Han Chen


An Efficient TCAM Update Scheme for Packet Classification

Yeim-Kuan Chang; Kai-Yang Liu


Wireless Fair Intelligent Admission Control - WFIAC

Fatima Furqan; Doan B Hoang


Blind Principles Based Interference Cancellation Schemes for Spread Spectrum Systems

Samantha Sriyananda; Jyrki Joutsensalo; Timo Hamalainen


Autonomic Abilities through a Multi-homed Transport Protocol

Code Diop


A Multicast Retransmission Scheme Using Negative ACK in Wireless Networks

Tsang-Ling Sheu; SanTai Lin


A Sender Side Algorithm for Reducing Frequent Retransmission Timeouts of TCP NewReno over Multi-hop Wireless Networks

Prasanthi Sreekumari


Using Multiple Links Simultaneously to Increase Capacity for Multi-homed Terminals in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Allen Ramaboli; Olabisi Emmanuel Falowo; H Anthony Chan


SHMSTREAMING: A Shared Memory Approach for Improving Hadoop Streaming Performance

Lai Longbin; Jingyu Zhou; Long Zheng; Huakang Li; Yanchao Lu; Feilong Tang; Minyi Guo


Low Complexity Routing Algorithm for Rearrangeable Switching Networks

Amitabha Chakrabarty; Martin Collier


Efficient Processing of Updates for Moving Objects with Varying Speed and Direction

Yuan-Ko Huang


PSCAN: A Parallel Structural Clustering Algorithm for Big Networks in MapReduce

Weizhong Zhao; Venkata Swamy Martha; Xiaowei Xu


An analysis of players and bots behaviors in MMORPG

Yutaro Mishima; Hiroshi Esaki; Kensuke Fukuda


Mining Normal and Abnormal Class-Association Rules

Viet Phan-Luong


IC-BIDE:Intensity Constraint-based Closed Sequential Pattern Mining for Coding Pattern Extraction

Hiromasa Takei; Hayato Yamana


Advance Resource Provisioning in Bulk Data Scheduling

Mehmet Balman


SimIC: Designing a new Inter-Cloud Simulation platform for integrating large-scale resource managemen

Stelios Sotiriadis; Nik Bessis; Nikos Antonopoulos


On System Time Analysis for BitTorrent with Sharing Ratio Enforcement

Yuh-Jzer Joung; Evan Chang


Nature Inspired Self organization for Adhoc Grids

Ashiq Anjum; Nik Bessis


Processing HDF5 Datasets on Multi-core Architectures

Rajdeep Bhowmik; Madhusudhan Govindaraju


Management of Streaming Multimedia Content using Mobile Agent Technology on Pure P2P-based Distributed e-Learning System

Masayuki Higashino; Kenichi Takahashi; Takao Kawamura; Kazunori Sugahara


Locality Awareness in Multi-Channel Peer-to-Peer Live Video Streaming Networks

Navid Bayat; Hamid Reza Rabiee; Mostafa Salehi


A Deliberative Agent for Meeting Scheduling

Elhadi Shakshuki; Mozammal Hossain


A recommendation cascade for e-learning

Rachid Anane


Performance Analysis and Comparison of Different DNS64 Implementations for Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD

Gabor Lencse; Sandor Repas


Combining collaborative filtering and clustering for implicit recommender system

Simon Renaud-Deputter; Tengke Xiong; Shengrui Wang


Efficient Near-Optimal Dynamic Content Adaptation Applied to JPEG Slides Presentations in Mobile Web Conferencing

Habib Louafi; Stephane Coulombe; Umesh Chandra


Context-Aware and Cloud Based Adaptation of the User Experience

Tor-Morten Gronli; Jarle Hansen; Gheorghita Ghinea; Muhammad Younas


FuzzyCDN: Fuzzy Redirection Algorithm

Thiago Oliveira; Marcial P Fernandez


Internet Metaobject Protocol (IMOP): Weaving the Global Program Grid

Yuh-Jzer Joung


Towards the 3D Web with Open Simulator

Iain Oliver; Alan Miller; Colin Allison; Sarah Kennedy; Lisa Dow; Anne Campbell; Christopher Davies; John McCaffery


Data gathering considering geographical distribution of data values in dense mobile wireless sensor networks

Kazuya Matsuo; Keisuke Goto; Akimitsu Kanzaki; Takahiro Hara; Shojiro Nishio


Energy-Efficient Mobile P2P Communications based on Context Awareness

Satoshi Miyake; Masaki Bandai


Enhancing the Modelling of Vertical Handover in Integrated Cellular/WLAN Environments

Yonal Kirsal; Enver Ever; Glenford E Mapp; Orhan Gemikonakli


HBPR: History Based Prediction for Routing in Infrastructure-less Opportunistic Networks

Sanjay Kumar Dhurandher; Deepak Kumar Sharma; Isaac Woungang; Shruti Bhati


Exploring Service and Buffer Management Issues to Provide Integrated Voice and Data Services in Single and Multi Channel Wireless Networks

Eser Gemikonakli; Glenford E Mapp; Orhan Gemikonakli; Enver Ever


Feedback-based Adaptation for Improved Power Consumption

Christos Bouras; Vaggelis Kapoulas; Georgios Kioumourtzis; Kostas Stamos, Mr; Nikos Stathopoulos; Nikos Tavoularis


Just-In-Time Push Prefetching

Paul A.S. Ward


Adding Scent to Television Broadcasts by Using Closed Caption Data

Tatsuki Tatara; Makoto Kikkawa; Kenichi Okada


Group Based Traffic Shaping for Adaptive HTTP Video Streaming

Bjorn Villa; Poul E. Heegaard


Early Evaluation of Automatic Flying Distance Measurement on Ski Jumper's Motion Monitoring System

Nobuyoshi Sato; Tsuyoshi Takayama; Yoshitoshi Murata


Design and Simulation of a Distributed Control Scheme for Inter-Destination Media Synchronization

Mario Montagud; Fernando Boronat; Hans Stokking


Local Search Heuristics for Media Streams Planning Problem

JiYi Marek; Petr Holub; Hana Rudova


QoS for JPEG2000 Storage System (Based on Data Structure)

Jesus Barbero; Carolina Gallardo


A Comparative Study of Expert Search Strategies in Online Social Networks

Yuh-Jzer Joung; ShyMin Chen; Terry Hui-Ye Chiu


Causality-Based Model For User Profile Construction From Behavior Sequences

Belkacem Chikhaoui; Shengrui Wang; Helene Pigot


Efficient Survey Database Construction Using Location Fingerprinting Interpolation

Ryosuke Kubota; Shigeaki Tagashira; Yutaka Arakawa; Teruaki Kitasuka; Akira Fukuda


Microscale Analysis on Sensing Devices and Its Impact on Assessing User Mobility

Hyunsoon Kim; Eugene Kim; Hwantae Kim; Hwangnam Kim


A Multilateration-based Localization Scheme for Adhoc Wireless Positioning Networks used in Information-oriented Construction

Naoki Miwa; Shigeaki Tagashira; Hiroaki Matsuda; Takanori Tsutsui; Yutaka Arakawa; Akira Fukuda


Reducing Congestion for Routing Algorithms in Opportunistic Networks with Socially-Aware Node Behavior Prediction

Radu Ciobanu; Ciprian Dobre


Evaluating QoS of a Wireless System for Real-Time Electrocardiogram Monitoring

Juyoung Park; Jaemyoun Lee; Kyungtae Kang


BSnort IPS

Padmashani R; Shiju Sathyadevan; Devi Dath


Learning Anomalies in IDSs by means of Multivariate Finite Mixture Models

Nicola Greggio


Symmetric Key based RFID Authentication Protocol with a Secure Key Updating Scheme

Gul N. Khan; Guangyu Zhu


A Network Modeling and Analysis Tool for Perfectly Secure Communication

Stefan Rass; Benjamin Rainer; Matthias Vavti; Stefan Schauer


Maximization of Wireless Mesh Networks Survivability to Assure Service Continuity under Intelligent and Jamming Attacks

Yu-Shun Wang; Frank Yeong-Sung Lin; Chi-Hsiang Chan; Jing-Wei Wang


A Study on Noise-Tolerant PN Code-Based Localization Attacks to Internet Threat Monitors by Exploiting Multiple Ports

Masaki Narita; Bhed Bahadur Bista; Toyoo Takata


Dispositional Trust Adaptation in User-Centric Networks

Carlos Ballester; Jean-Marc Seigneur


A Generic Construction of Proxy Signatures from Certificateless Signatures

Lei Zhang; Qianhong Wu; Bo Qin; Josep Domingo-Ferrer; Peng Zeng


Passive OS Fingerprinting by DNS Traffic Analysis

Takashi Matsunaka; Akira Yamada; Ayumu Kubota


Secret Sharing Scheme Suitable for Cloud Computing

Satoshi Takahashi; Keiichi Iwamura


A New Android Malware Detection Approach Using Bayesian Classification

Suleiman Y Yerima; Sakir Sezer


A Privacy Preserving Prediction-based Routing Protocol for Mobile Delay Tolerant Networks

Omar Hasan; Jingwei Miao; Sonia Ben Mokhtar; Lionel Brunie


FeelTrust: Providing Trustworthy Communications in Ubiquitous Mobile Environment

Giuliana Carullo; Aniello Castiglione; Giuseppe Cattaneo; Alfredo De Santis; Ugo Fiore; Francesco Palmieri


A forensically-sound method to collect live network digital evidence

Aniello Castiglione; Giuseppe Cattaneo; Giancarlo De Maio; Alfredo De Santis


Design and Implementation of a Functional Extension Framework for Authn & Authz Federation Infrastructure using Web Browser Add-on

Toyokazu Akiyama; Takeshi Nishimura; Kazutsuna Yamaji; Motonori Nakamura; Yasuo Okabe


Optimal Node Placement in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Muhamad Felemban; Basem Shihada; Kamran Jamshaid


Distributed Spatial Correlation-based Clustering for Approximate Data Collection in WSNs

Zhidan Liu; Wei Xing; Bo Zeng; Yongchao Wang; Dongming Lu


How to Build Random Key Pre-distribution Schemes with Self-healing for Multiphase WSNs

Atsuko Miyaji; Kazumasa Omote


A Chaining Selective Wakeup Strategy for a Robust Continuous Object Tracking in Practical Wireless Sensor Networks

Hyungseop Hong; Seungmin Oh; Jeongcheol Lee; Sang-Ha Kim


An Integrated Protocol for Coverage, Connectivity and Communication (C3) in Wireless Sensor Networks

Muhammad Akhlaq; Tarek Rahil Sheltami; Elhadi Shakshuki


Detecting Energy-Efficient Central Nodes for Cooperative Caching in Wireless Sensor Networks

Nikos Dimokas; Dimitrios Katsaros


ABRM: In-Network Aggregation Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Sensor Networks with Multiple Mobile Sinks

Hossam Mahmoud Fahmy; Maged Soliman


The problem of joint scheduling and power assignment in wireless sensor networks

Ada Gogu; Supriyo Chatterjea; Dritan Nace; Arta Dilo


Overlapped Schedules with Centralized Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks

Ibrahim Amer Musbah Ammar; Irfan Awan


Implementing Adaptation and Reconfiguration Strategies in Heterogeneous WSN

Antinisca Di Marco; Francesco Gallo; Orhan Gemikonakli; Leonardo Mostarda; Franco Raimondi


A Residual Error Control Scheme in Single-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks

Bafrin Zarei


Dynamic Aggregation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Adel Mounir Said; Ashraf William Ibrahim; Ahmed Soua; Hossam Afifi


Energy-efficient Data Gathering for Road-side Sensor Networks ensuring Reliability and Fault-tolerance

Suchetana Chakraborty; Sandip Chakraborty; Sukumar Nandi; Sushanta Karmakar


IBE-based Accurate Trust Computation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Tomoya Enokido; Makoto Takizawa


Lightweight Source Authentication Mechanisms for Group Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Wafa Ben Jaballah; Mosbah Mohamed; Habib Youssef; Akka Zemmari


An Advanced Vehicle Collision Warning algorithm over the DSRC Communication Environment

Chung-Ming Huang; Shih-Yang Lin


Arrival time based Traffic Signal Optimization for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Vamsi Krishna Paruchuri; Sriram Chellappan; Rathinasamy B. Lenin


Design and Implementation of Enhanced Asset Locating System for Vehicle Pooling in a Port Terminal

Sanghyun Son


A Risk Taking Routing Algorithm for Delay Tolerant Networks

Maziar Mirzazad Barijough; Nasser Yazdani; Djamshid Tavangarian; Robil W. Daher


Opportunistic Bit-Rate Selection in Multi-Vehicular Networks

Paul A.S. Ward

Accepted Paper List of BICom-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Simulation evaluation of Fuzzy-based Trustworthiness System for P2P Communications in JXTA-Overlay

Evjola Spaho, Kohei Umezaki, Leonard Barolli


Performance Evaluation of WMN-GA System in Node Placement in WMNs for Normal Distribution of Mesh Clients and Different Selection and Mutation Operators

Admir Barolli, Tetsuya Oda, Evjola Spaho, Leonard Barolli, Makoto Takizawa


Information Splitting Using Crypto-biometrics Approach

Marek R Ogiela, Lidia D Ogiela


A Sensor Speed Feedback Fuzzy-based System in Wireless Sensor Networks

Wang Qi, Leonard Barolli, Elis Kulla


A Biometric-Based User Authentication Scheme for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Ashok Kumar Das, Bruhadeshwar Bezawada


Using Artificial Neural Network for Automatic Assessment of Video Sequences

Brice Ekobo, Emmanuel Simeu, Fritz Lebowsky


Multi-Agent System Proposal to Model and Foster Self-Regulated Learning

Babak Khosravifar, Roger Azevedo, Jason M Harley, Francois Bouchet, Reza Feyzi-Behnagh


How to compare and interpret two learnt Decision Trees from the same Domain?

Petra Perner


A Comprehensive Study of Bluetooth Fingerprinting-based Algorithms For Localization

Li Zhang, Xiao Liu, Cathal Gurrin, Sijun Zhu, Zhiliang Zhu


Ant Colony based Forwarding Method for Content-Centric Networking

Chengming Li, Kouji Okamura, Wenjing Liu


On-Line Signature Evaluation Using Fuzzy Set Theory

Jungpil Shin


An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Different Banchmarks on MATLAB

Talha Ali Khan, Muhammad Asif, Talha Ahmed Taj


Improvements the Seccomp sandbox based on Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium(PBE) theory

Bo Ma, Dejun Mu


Estimate Thermo-physical Parameters from Characterization of the Building Materials by Using Artificial Intelligence

Thanh Nga Thai

Accepted Paper List of BLSMC-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Dynalets : A new time-frequency representation for periodic biological signals



MitomiRrs in enenergetic regulation



Robustness in Genetic Regulatory Networks. Role of microRNAs



Identification of miRNA in Melanoma and the patient profile by Expectation Maximisation

Andrei Doncescu, Sebastien Regis


Observation and Representation of social networks



Tooth evolution: micro-RNAs as driving force?


Accepted Paper List of CCPI-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Service Level Agreement in Cloud: A Simulation-based Approach

Massimiliano Rak.


A Framework for Semantic Interoperability over the Cloud

Flora Amato, Antonino Mazzeo, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello


Distributed Programming Models for Clouds

Lutz Schubert, Daniel Rubio Bonilla, Stefan Wesner


A Cloud-based framework for collaborative data management in the VPH-Share Project

Martin Koehler, Siegfried Benkner, Chris Borckholder, Yuriy Kaniovskyi, Marian Bubak, Spiros Koulouzis, Piotr Nowakowski, Richard Knight, Steven Wood


Programming ecological niche modeling workflows in the Cloud

Daniele Lezzi, Roger Rafanell, Erik Torres, Rosa Badia, Ignacio Blanquer


Integrating Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks into OM4SPACE Project

Irina Astrova, Arne Koschel


Cloud Security-Ifs and Buts

Akanksha Varshney


Semantic Registry for Cloud Computing

Cristina Mindruta


COMPOSE - a journey from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Services

Benny Mandler, David Carerra, Carlos Pedrinaci, Elena Villa, Daniel Schreckling, Robert Kleinfeld, Fabio Antonelli, Dave Raggett, Iacopo Carreras, Vlad Trifa, Alessio Gugliotta


From Cloud Governance to IoT Governance

Victor Ion Munteanu, Teodor-Florin Fortis, Viorel Negru


Multi-objective Decision Support for Brokering of Cloud SLA

Alba Amato, Salvatore Venticinque


Semantic and Agent Technologies for Cloud Vendor Agnostic Resource Brokering

Alba Amato, Giuseppina Cretella, Beniamino Di Martino, Salvatore Venticinque

Accepted Paper List of CCSI-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Performance Analysis and Optimization of Map Only Left Outer Join

Ming Hao, Tomasz Wiktor Wlodarczyk and Chunming Rong


A DDoS Mitigation System with Multi-Stage Detection and Text-Based Turing Testing in Cloud Computing

Vincent Huang, Robert Huang and Ming Chiang


Efficient Service Management for Multimedia Sessions in Hybrid Clouds

Cristina Dutu, Elena Apostol, Catalin Leordeanu and Valentin Cristea


Static Testing as a Service on Cloud

Siqin Chen, Junfei Huang and Yunzhan Gong


TeraScaler ELB-an Algorithm of Prediction-based Elastic Load Balancing Resource Management in Cloud Computing

He-Sheng WU, Chong-Jun WANG and Jun-Yuan XIE


Structured and unstructured data in the Cloud: a Swiss perspective on readiness and internal controls

David Simms and Solange Ghernaouti


Data-intensive Spatial Indexing on the Clouds

Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Zaki Malik, Jizhe Xia, Kai Liu, Chaowei Yang


The Cloud Streaming Service Migration in Cloud Video Storage System

Yi-Hsing Tsai


A Secure Shared Group Model of Cloud Storage

Ching-Hung Yeh


Secure Picture Data Partitioning for Cloud Computing Services

Rene Leistikow, Djamshid Tavangarian

Accepted Paper List of COLLABES-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



An Approach to Enterprise Collaboration through Concurrent Scene Understanding and Interoperation

John Mashford


A Novel Workflow Management System for Handling Process Adaptation and Compliance

M.S. Haji-Omar, P.W.H. Chung and C.W. Dawson


Hyper-heuristic based Resource Scheduling in Grid Environment

Rajni Rajni, Inderveer Chana


Routing over Relaxed Triangulation Structures for P2P-based Virtual Environments

Eliya Buyukkaya, Maha Abdallah


Hybrid Optical and Electrical Network Flow Scheduling in Cloud Data Centres

Ibrahim Kabiru Musa, Stuart D Walker


A Business Model for Personalized Promotion Systems On Using WLAN Localization and NFC Techniques

Kam-Yiu Lam; Joseph Kee-Yin Ng; JianTao Wang


E-Commerce and B2B Services Enterprises

Polina Fauska; Natalia V. Kryvinska; Christine Strauss


Access network strategies and regulation in the EU

Joao Paulo Ribeiro Pereira


A Generic Logging Template for Infrastructure as a Service Cloud

Winai Wongthai, Francisco Rocha, Aad van Moorsel


An SLA ontology to support service discovery in future cloud markets

Giuseppe Di Modica; Orazio Tomarchio; Giuseppe Petralia


A Novel Two-Stage Multi-Crieteria Evaluation for Internal Attack in WSN

Muhammad Raisuddin Ahmed; Xu Huang; Dharmendra Sharma; Hongyan Cui


Personal Analytics as a Factor of Change in Enterprise Communication and Collaboration Patterns

Serguei Dobrinevski


Experience in Developing Concurrent Inferences on a De-regulated Supply Chain Network

Paul Moynihan and Wei Dai

Accepted Paper List of DMWPC-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Strategies for Enhancing Data Quality in Mobile CRM

Richard Hable and Thomas Aglassinger


On Scheduling Real-time Multi-item Queries in Multi-RSU Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs)

G.G.Md.Nawaz Ali, Edward Chan and Wenzhong Li


A basic study of data collection ratio of drifting sensor networks for monitoring waterways

Kazuma Mitake and Susumu Ishihara


Routes establishing method and IPv6 addressing based on estimated distance form neighboring nodes in WMNs

Yuta Maruoka and Kazunori Ueda


System Design for Estimating Social Relationships from Sensing Data

Akihiro Kida, Ryoichi Shinkuma, Tatsuro Takahashi, Kazuhiro Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki Kasai, Oscar Mayora


Social Link Analysis using Wireless Beaconing and Accelerometer

Kazuto Shimizu, Masayuki Iwai, Kaoru Sezaki


Data Mining and Analysis of Large Scale Time Series Network Data

Patricia A Morreale, Steve Holtz, Allan Goncalves

Accepted Paper List of EASyCoSe-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Energy Consumption Simulation of Different Distributed Intrusion Detection Approaches

Mauro Migliardi, Alessio Merlo


Deriving Job Completion Reliability and Job Energy Consumption for a General MapReduce Infrastructure from Single-Job Perspective

Jia-Chun Lin, Fang-Yie Leu, Ming-Chang Lee, Ying-ping Chen


Energy Consumption of the Mobile Wireless Sensor Network's Node Platform with Controlled Mobility

Konstantin Mikhaylov, Jouni Tervonen


A Case for Energy-Aware Security Mechanisms

Xun Li; Fred Chong


Scrutiny of Cyber Security for Smart Grid System

Davood Mohammadi Souran, Hanieh Esmaeeli


Energy-Aware Cache Management for Content-Centric Networking

Satoshi Imai, Kenji Leibnitz, Masayuki Murata


CPNoC: An Energy-Efficient Photonic Network-on-chip

Junhui Wang, Gang Han, Baoliang Li, Jia Lu, Wenhua Dou


Smart Distributed System Architecture for Green Communications

Anna Vizziello, Lorenzo Favalli


Optimal Entropy based Spectrum Sensing for Maritime Cognitive Radio Networks

Waleed Ejaz, Mahin Atiq, Ghalib A. Shah, Hyung Seok Kim


Estimation of the Energy Consumption of Mobile Sensors in WSN Environmental Monitoring Applications

Maurizio D'Arienzo, Mauro Iacono, Stefano Marrone, Roberto Nardone


Reducing Energy Cost of Keepalive Messages in 3G Mobiles

Mohamed Oulmahdi, Christophe Chassot, Ernesto Exposito


An Extension of the Link Layer Discovery Protocol for On-Demand Power Supply Network by PoE

Masaya Yokohata, Tomotaka Maeda, Yasuo Okabe


The Potential of Energy/Utility-Accrual Scheduling

Marcus Hahnel, Marcus Volp, Bjorn Dobel, Hermann Hartig


Cluster Head Assignment in Networks controlled by Gateway Entities (CHANGE)

Juan Rico, Javier Valino, Edgar Epifanio


Modeling Energy Savings for Job Migration in Grid Environments

Antonella Galizia, Mark Yampolskiy, Michael Schiffers, Alfonso Quarati, Andrea Clematis


Digital Watermarking Techniques and Security Issues in the Information and Communication Society

Jordi Nin, Sergio Ricciardi


All Silicon Data Center, The Energy Perspective

Antonio Scarfo


Smart Outlet Network for Energy-aware Services Utilizing Various Sensor Information

Naoyuki Morimoto, Yuu Fujita, Masaaki Yoshida, Hiroyuki Yoshimizu, Masafumi Takiyamada, Terukazu Akehi, Masami Tanaka


Decentralized Consensus Protocols: the enabler for Smart Grids Monitoring

Vincenzo Loia, Antonio Pietrosanto, Alfredo Vaccaro


Energy Efficient Double Cluster Head Routing Scheme in a City Vehicular Network

Hamdi Idjmayyel, Bilal R Qazi, Jaafar Elmirghani

Accepted Paper List of EOOPS-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Evaluation of Java for General Purpose GPU Computing

Jorge Docampo, Sabela Ramos, Guillermo L. Taboada, Roberto R. Exposito, Juan Tourino and Ramon Doallo


Object support for OpenMP-style programming of GPU clusters in Java

Carolin Wolf, Georg Dotzler, Ronald S Veldema and Michael Philippsen


Promoting Data-Centric Supercomputing to the WWW World: Open MPI's Java Bindings

Alexey Cheptsov


Distributed Grobner bases computation with MPJ and pure Socket middle-ware

Heinz Kredel


Straightforward parallelization of polynomial multiplication using parallel collections in Scala

Raphael Jolly


CUDA Powered User-Defined Types and Aggregates

Marcin Gorawski, Michal Lorek


A Multi-GPU Framework for In-Memory Text Data Analytics

Poh Kit Chong, Ettikan Kandasamy Karuppiah, Keh Kok Yong

Accepted Paper List of FINA-2013

Paper Id(EDAS)

Paper Title



A Framework to Assess Security Risks of Dynamic ID-Based Authentication Schemes

Zhengxian Gao, Shou-Hsuan Stephen Huang, Wei Ding


Privacy Enhanced and Computationally Efficient HSK-AKA LTE Scheme

Khodor Hamandi, Imad Sarji, Ali Chehab, Imad H Elhajj, Ayman Kayssi


Early Detection Method of Service Quality Reduction Based on Linguistic and Time Series Analysis of Twitter

Kazushi Ikeda, Gen Hattori, Chihiro Ono, Hideki Asoh, Teruo Higashino


Group Communication Protocols for Scalable Groups of Peers

Dilawaer Duolikun, Ailixier Aikebaier, Tomoya Enokido, Makoto Takizawa


3D-to-2D Projection Algorithm for Remote Control using Smartphone

Ali Fahmi Perwira Negara, Budhi Prayoga, Jongmin Song, Ardiansyah Ardiansyah, Deokjai Choi


DNS Update Extension to IPv6 Secure Addressing

Hosnieh Rafiee, Martin Lowis, Christoph Meinel


Optimal Frame Size for Internal and External Linear Prediction Techniques

Faheem Khan, Latifullah Khan, Sahibzada Ali Mahmud, Gul Muhammad Khan


MCF: Multi-Component Features for Malware analysis

Vinod P, Vijay Laxmi, Manoj Singh Gaur, Smita Naval, Parvez Faruki


On the Gaussian Characteristic of Aggregated Short-lived Flows on High-Bandwidth Links

Ghasem Kahe, Amir Hossein Jahangir


CCN-TV: a data-centric approach to real-time video services

Vincenzo Ciancaglini, Giuseppe Piro, Riccardo Loti, Luigi Alfredo Grieco, Luigi Liquori


Feedback Capacity of Different Complex Networks Models

Ghufran Al-Shiridah, Khaled Mahdi, Maytham H Safar


CORP: An Efficient Protocol to Prevent Data Loss in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Ganapathy Mani


Protecting Access Pattern Privacy in Database Outsourcing Service

Pham T. B. Hue


Experiment of Geometrically Invariant and Unneeded Synchoronism Watermarking Using Winding Number

Hiroki Nishikawa, Yoshio Kakizaki, Keiichi Iwamura, Isao Echizen


An add-on for Security on Concurrent Multipath Communication SCTP

Abbas Malekpour, Hamideh Jabalameli


Green and Secure Office Space Using Near Field Coupling Communication System

Tomoaki Yanagawa, Kohei Nagata, Yuichi Kado


A Post-processing Beam Hardening Correction Method for Axial Computed Tomography

Guowei Xue, Xiuwang Li, Yan Zhang


Performance Analysis of Medium Access Control Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks

Nourchene Bradai, Lamia Chaari Fourati, Lotfi Kamoun


Disambiguation in Named Entity Translation of Knowledge Base

Liqun Ni, Minyi Guo, Yao Shen, Cheng-Zhong Xu


The Throughput Benefits of Network Coding for SW-ARQ Communication

Alaa Alsebae, Mark S Leeson, Roger J Green


Impact of IEEE 802.11 PHY/MAC Strategies on Routing Performance in Wireless Mesh Networks

Chiraz Houaidia, Hanen Idoudi, Adrien Bossche, Thierry Val, Leila Azouz Saidane


A Novel Cluster Head Selection Method based on K-Means Algorithm for Energy Efficiency Wireless Sensor Networks

Geon Yong Park, Heeseong Kim, Hwi Woon Jeong, Hee Yong Youn


Modeling Controls for Compliance - An Analysis of Business Process Modeling Languages

Hans Betke, Kai Kittel, Stefan Sackmann


Simulating reader-to-reader interference in RFID systems

Renato Ferrero, Filippo Gandino, Linchao Zhang, Bartolomeo Montrucchio, Maurizio Rebaudeng


A Configurable And Extensible Security Service Architecture for Smartphones

Philipp Stephanow, Dennis Titze, Julian Schutte


A Novel Web Synchronization Method for Supporting Smooth Web Communication

Kazuyuki Tasaka, Takashi Ozu, Akira Idoue


Technical Challenges in Providing Remote Health Consultancy Services for the Unreached Community

Kai Eiko


Acceleration of Communication-Aware Task Mapping Techniques through GPU Computing

Javier Reyes, Juan Manuel Ordua, Guillermo Vigueras, Rafael Tornero Gavila


M2M Data Analysis Service System based on Open Source Software Environments

Shinji Kitagami, Hisao Koizumi, Moriki Yamamoto, Takuo Suganuma


Routing Protocol Based on the Position, Velocity, and Direction of the Nodes

Gil Eduardo Andrade, Luiz A. P. Lima, Jr., Alcides Calsavara, Carlos A Maziero


Performance Comparison of Wireless Networks over IPv6 and IPv4 Under Several Operating Systems

Hossam Mahmoud Fahmy


Android SMS Malware: Vulnerability and Mitigation

Khodor Hamandi, Ali Chehab, Imad H Elhajj, Ayman Kayssi


Network Data Visualization Using Parallel Coordinates Version of Time-tunnel with 2Dto2D visualization for Intrusion Detection

Yoshihiro Okada


Performance Evaluation of Hierarchical-Torus NoC

Samia Loucif


Applying Reputation to Virtual Magnetic Networks

Henrique Galperin, Luiz A. P. Lima, Jr., Alcides Calsavara


A Markov Chain Based Model for Congestion Control in VANETs

Lyes Khoukhi, Moez Esseghir, Leila Boulahia, Mohamed Amine Benatia


Data Collection From Isolated Clusters in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobile Ferries

Konstantin Mikhaylov, Jouni Tervonen


Exploring the factors that influence continuance intention to attend one-to-some online courses via videoconferencing software

Tai-Tien Lin, Kuo-Lun Hsiao, Ching-Ting Huang, Hsiu-Sen Chiang


Scalablity performance analysis of H.264/SVC video transmission over WLANs

Olfa Ben Rhayem, Lamia Chaari Fourati


Runtime Change of Collaboration Patterns in Autonomic Systems: Motivations and Perspectives

Giacomo Cabri, Nicola Capodieci


Influence of buffer size on TCP performance in heterogeneous wired/wireless networks

Ivan Vujovic


Comparison of Three Interpolation Techniques In Comb-Type Pilot-Assisted Channel Coded OFDM System

Latifullah Khan, Sahibzada Ali Mahmud, Zeeshan Sabir, Gul Muhammad Khan


A recommendation exchange protocol between smart devices in pervasive computing environment

Naima Iltaf, Abdul Ghafoor, Usman Zia


Multihop Mobility Metrics based on Link Stability

Namusale Chama, Rute C. Sofia, Susana Sargento


A New Active Path Identification and Filtering Method

Lin Chen


A Multi-Class Mobility Model for Dynamic & Dependable Systems

Peter Bull, Georgios Antonopoulos, Lin Guan


UML Profile for Modeling Mobility Data of a Hospital in Motion

Jalel Akaichi


The Impact of Content Oriented Routing on OpenFlow Burst Switched Optical Networks

Mohammed Al-Momin, John Cosmas


A Virtual Campus Tour Service using Remote Control Robots on Robot Service Network Protocol

Yuka Kato


Modelling Attacker with Deciding Security Properties by Induction and Deduction

Yoney Kirsal-Ever, Agozie Eneh, Orhan Gemikonakli, Leonardo Mostarda


An ECC-Time Stamp based Mutual Authentication and Key Management Scheme for WSNs

Gaurav Indra


A study on practices against malware in free software projects

Ignacio Colomina, Robert Clariso, Joan Arnedo-Moreno


Image Objects Phase/Intensity Measurements Using Conjugated Spatial Light Modulators over Mach-Zehnder Interferometry

Jen-Fa Huang, Yu-Chang He


Research into Recommender Functions for Learning Support Systems

Yuji Wada


Privacy Obfuscation with Bloom Filter for Effective Advertisement

Ryuya Uda


A Client Privacy Preserving Discovery Service Scheme

Zhipeng Wang, Hong Zhu


Dynamic Virtual Routers Using Multiway Segment Tree

Yeim-Kuan Chang, Zi-Yang Ou, Fang-Chen Kuo

Accepted Paper List of HWISE-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



A Comparison of Wireless Sensor Network Goodput and Delay on the simulation and an Experimental Testbed

Tao Yang, Elis Kulla, Leonard Barolli, Gjergji Mino, Makoto Takizawa


A distributed TDMA slot scheduling algorithm for spatially correlated contention in WSNs

Ashutosh Bhatia, Ramesh C. Hansdah


Access Control with RFID in the Internet of Things

Steffen Jensen, Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen


Inner-Distance Measurement and Shape Recognition of Target Object Using Networked Binary Sensors

Shigeo Shioda


Mobility-Sensitive Power Control for MBSFN Cellular Networks

Konstantinos Asimakis, Christos Bouras, Vasileios Kokkinos, Andreas Papazois


A Protocol for Authentication with Multiple Levels of Anonymity (AMLA) in VANETs

Bhavesh Bharadiya, Soumyadev Maity, Ramesh C. Hansdah


Effects of Signaling Attacks on LTE Networks

Ramzi Bassil, Imad H Elhajj, Ali Chehab, Ayman Kayssi


Proposal and Implementation of Encounter Data Transmission with Ultrasonic Sensor-based Active Wakeup Mechanism for Energy Efficient Sparse Wireless Sensor Network

Tatsuhiko Nakano, Yutaka Arakawa, Shigeaki Tagashira, Akira Fukuda, Riadh Dhaou


Wireless Networks Sensors and Social Streams

Dmitry Namiot, Manfred Sneps-Sneppe


Perform Vertical Handover Decision based on the Quality of Service Perceived to the End Users

Sassi Maaloul, Afif Meriem, Sami Tabbane


ANCH: A New Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Morteza Mohammadi Zanjireh, Alireza Shahrabi, Hadi Larijani


Effect Of Relay Nodes On End-to-end Delay In Multi-hop Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

Rajavaraprasad Yerra, Pachamuthu Rajalakshmi


Scheduling Workflows in Multi-Cluster Environments

Silvio Luiz Stanzani, Liria Sato, Marco A. S. Netto


A novel learning-based spectrum sensing technique for Cognitive Radio Networks

Mehmet Emin Aydin, Ghazanfar A. Safdar, Nauman Aslam


AODV vs AODV: Modifications in Routing Metric and Route Discovery Mechanism

Latifullah Khan, Sahibzada Ali Mahmud, Gul Muhammad Khan, Hamed Saffa Al-Raweshidy


Toward Green Mobility in Femtocell Networks

Aicha Salem, Kaouthar Sethom


A Novel Probabilistic Key Management Algorithm for Large Scale MANETs

Mohammed Gharib, Ehsan Emamjomeh-Zadeh, Ashkan Norouzifard, Ali Movaghar


Framework for Generic Context- and Policy-Based Traffic Distribution in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: Black Rider

Sandra Frei, Woldemar Fuhrmann, Bogdan Ghita


On the Feasibility of making Intelligent Antenna Selection Decision in IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks

Mubashir Husain Rehmani, Abderrezak Rachedi, Stephane Lohier, Thierry Alves, Benoit Poussot


Quantifying the Multiple Cognitive Radio Interfaces Advantage

Muhammad Talal Hassan, Ejaz Ahmed, Junaid Qadir, Adeel Baig


Improving Secure Routing Protocols Using Additional Features

Jose Luis Tornos, Jose Luis Salazar


Metropolitan Spectrum Survey in Bogota Colombia

Luis Pedraza


GAODV: A Modified AODV against single and collaborative Black Hole attacks in MANETs

Sanjay Kumar Dhurandher, Isaac Woungang, Prashant Khurana, Raveena Mathur, Shipra Agrawal


Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

Alaa Atassi, Naoum Sayegh, Imad H Elhajj, Ali Chehab, Ayman Kayssi


On Determining Bandwidth Usage Threshold to Support Real-Time Multimedia Applications in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Muhammad Farooq


Single-Sink Mobility Performance Analysis on a Wireless Senosr Networks

Majid Bayani


Behavioral Mobility Model with Geographic Constraints

Razvan Beuran, Shinsuke Miwa, Yoichi Shinoda


The inter-cell interference suppression algorithm based on the JP-CoMP and performance simulation

Weihong Fu, Lili Ma, Cheng Wang, Qingliang Kong, Weixin Tian


A Priority Based Differentiation for Contention Mechanism in Legacy DCF Method

Sanjay Kumar Dhurandher, Isaac Woungang, Sahil Sharma, Veeresh Goswami


A Secure and Efficient Authentication Protocol (SEAP) for MANETs with Membership Revocation

Soumyadev Maity, Ramesh C. Hansdah


Evaluation of IEEE 802.11n for Multimedia applications in VANET

Mohammad Akbar


Vehicle Path Verification using Wireless Sensor Networks

Vamsi Krishna Paruchuri, Sriram Chellappan, Gerry Howser


WiMAX-WLAN Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Network Architecture during fast handover process

Michael Charitos, Grigorios Kalivas


Decoupling losses for end-to-end bandwidth guarantees in interdomain traffic

Fernando Fernandez-Valdes Pedrosa, Manuel Fernandez Veiga, Candido Lopez Garcia, Andres Suarez-Gonzalez


Stabilization and Lifetime Optimization in Distributed Sensor Networks

Mourad Hakem


A multi-variable traffic model of a Wi-Fi data network that allows estimating Throughput mean values

Cesar Hernandez, Luis Pedraza, Camila Salgado


Towards High Reliability of a Multi-Agent System Designed for Intrusion Detection in MANET

Leila Mechtri, Fatiha Djemili, Salim Ghanemi


A Stochastic Process based Framework of Redeployment Model for Wireless Sensor Network

Ravindara Bhatt


Performance Evaluation of ADV with AODV for Real-time Applications in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)

Omer Masood, Adeel Akram, Nadeem Majeed


Combined Traffic Simulation Scenarios For Performance Investigation Routing protocols AODV, DSR and DSDV in MANET

Qutaiba Razouqi, Mohamad M. Gaballah


MAR-AODV:Innovative Routing Algorithm in MANET based on Mobile Agent

Cuong Cung Trong, Tu Vo Thanh, Hai Nguyen Thuc


Empirical Evaluation of Superposition Coded Multicasting for Scalable Video

Chun Pong Lau, Basem Shihada, Pin-Han Ho


On the Design of Energy-Aware 3G/WiFi Heterogeneous Networks Under Realistic Conditions

Sireen Taleb, Mohamad Dia, Jamal Farhat, Zaher Dawy, Hazem Hajj


WiFi for Vehicular Communication Systems

Janis Jansons, Ernests Petersons, Nikolajs Bogdanovs

Accepted Paper List of ICAES-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



iMAS: an Intelligent Mobile Advertising System: Development and Implementation

Evans, C, H. P. Moore, Thomas, A., Pavlenko, O.


Implementation of a FIPA compliant BDI agent platform in .NET: CloudNetBDI 1.0

Evans,C., Abu Rmeileh, S.


eMonitoring for eHealth: Research Projects for Assisted Living

Thomas, A.M., Evans, C., Moore, P., Sharma, M., Patel, A., Shah, H., Chima, P., Abu Rmeileh, S., Dubb, G., Bhana, R.


Towards Independent Assisted Living: The Application of Intelligent Context-Aware System

Moore, P., Evans, C., Tadros, G.

Accepted Paper List of iCCI-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



A Deadline Scheduler for Job Execution in Cloud Systems

Quentin Perret, Gabriel Charlemagne, Stelios Sotiriadis, Nik Bessis


Towards inter-cloud simulation performance analysis: Exploring service-oriented benchmarks of clouds in SimIC

Stelios Sotiriadis, Nik Bessis, Nikos Antonopoulos


An agent-based architecture and a two-phase protocol for the data portability in clouds

Meriem Thabet


Energy-Aware Social-based Routing in Opportunistic Networks

Cristian C. Chilipirea, Andreea-Cristina Petre, Ciprian Dobre


Reputation guided Genetic Scheduling Algorithm for Independent Tasks in Inter-Clouds Environments

Florin Pop, Nik Bessis, Stelios Sotiriadis, Valentin Cristea


InterCloud Architecture Framework for Heterogeneous Cloud based Infrastructure Services Provisioning On-Demand

Yuri Demchenko, Canh Ngo, Joan A. Garcia-Espin, Sergi Figuerola, Juan Rodriguez, Luis Miguel Contreras, Giada Landi, Nicola Ciulli


User-side Personalization Considering Privacy Preserving in Cloud Systems

Leila Sharifi, Maryam Heidari Beisafar, Omid Reza Speily

Accepted Paper List of IWDENS-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Directional Antenna Control based Mobile Adhoc Network for Disaster Use

Yoshitaka Shibata, Noriki Uchida and Toshihiro Suzuki


Self Power Supplied Micro Wireless Ballooned Network for Disaster Recovery

Saneatsu Arimura, Noriki Uchida and Yoshitaka Shibata


Study on change method of the link between the Network Node based on NDN

Yuto Sekino, Noriki Uchida, Yoshitaka Shibata


Proposal of Delay Tolerant Network with Cognitive Wireless Network for Disaster Information Network System

Noriki Uchida, Norihiro Kawamura, Nicholas Williams, Kazuo Takahata, Yoshitaka Shibata


Using Workflow Management Systems for Improving Disaster Response Processes

Marlen Hofmann, Stefan Sackmann, Hans Betke


Development of Smartphone Application for Off-line Use in Case of Disaster

Hiroaki YUZE, Yuzhe QIAN, Naoyoshi SUZUKI

Accepted Paper List of MAW-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Document Modeling using Syntactic and Semantic Information

Emilie Au, Mohamed Bouguessa, Shengrui Wang


Cycling Course Recommender System based on User’s Taste of Scenery

Masato Kasahara, Ryuto Ota, Kosuke Takano


Detecting Local Events by Analyzing Spatiotemporal Locality of Tweets

Takuya Sugitani, Masumi Shirakawa, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio


Foreign Exchange Trading Rules using a Single Technical Indicator from Multiple Timeframes

Shangkun DENG, Akito SAKURAI


Mining Botnet Behaviors on the Large-scale Web Application Community

Dan Garant, Wei Lu


A general purpose model for future prediction based on web search data: Predicting Greek and Spanish elections

Spyros Polykalas, George Prezerakos, Agisilaos Konidaris


Fine-Grained Access Control for Object-Oriented Databases:An Annotation Specific Approach

Rahat Masood, Awais Shibli, Abdul Ghafoor


A Feasibility Study on Using Low-Cost Gaming Devices for Rehabilitation

Kin Fun Li, Ana-Maria Sevcenco


Two-Phase Genetic Algorithm for Social Network Graphs Clustering

Jan Kohout, Roman Neruda


A Novel Architecture Based on Web Services Integrating Mammography Images Structured Reports

Alfonso Farruggia, Rosario Magro, Salvatore Vitabile


Mining Online Book Reviews for Sentimental Clustering

Eric Lin, Shiaofen Fang, Jie Wang

Accepted Paper List of NetMM-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Passive Testing on Performance Requirements of Network Protocols

Xiaoping Che and Stephane Maag


Enabling IPTV Service Assurance using OpenFlow

Patrick McDonagh, Cristian Olariu, Adriana Hava and Christina Thorpe


Encrypted Incremental Backup without Server-Side Software

Meriem Shih-Yu Lu


An Effective Attack Detection Approach in Wireless Mesh Networks

Felipe Barbosa Abreu, Anderson Morais, Ana Cavalli, Bachar Wehbi and Edgardo Montes de Oca


Study on a Distributed Rerouting Scheme

Ilir Shinko, Yoann Fouquet and Dritan Nace


Modeling and Evaluation of Machine Learning based Network Management System for NGN

Abul Bashar


Adkintun: SLA Monitoring of ISP Broadband Offerings

Javier Bustos, Victor Ramiro, Felipe Lalanne and Tomas Barros

Accepted Paper List of NetVE-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



ARISTOTELE: A Semantic-driven Platform for Enterprise Management

Pierluigi Del Nostro, Francesco Orciuoli, Stefano Paolozzi, Pierluigi Ritrovato, Daniele Toti


A new framework for Virtual Organizations

Mahdieh Shadi, Hamideh Afsarmanesh


Supporting Decision Meeting in virtual organization

Abdelkader Adla


MAR-AODV:Innovative Routing Algorithm in MANET based on Mobile Agent

Cuong T. Cung, Tu T. Vo, Hai T. Nguyen


A Ontological Collaborative Framework for Business Process Integration

Minh T. N. Hoang, Trung V. Nguyen, Hanh H. Hoang

Accepted Paper List of PAEWN-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



A Modular Architecture for QoS Provisioning over Wireless Links

Maurizio Casoni, Alessandro Paganelli and Paolo Valente


Simulating Wireless Nano Sensor Networks in the NS-3 platform

Giuseppe Piro, Luigi Alfredo Grieco, Gennaro Boggia and Pietro Camarda


An LSPI based Reinforcement Learning Approach to Enable Network Cooperation in Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks

Milos Rovcanin, Eli De Poorter, Ingrid Moerman and Piet Demeester


The Price of Secure Mobile Video Streaming

Gabor Feher


Multi-threaded Simulation of 4G Cellular Systems within the LTE-Sim Framework

Alessandro Pellegrini, Giuseppe Piro


Bounding End-to-End Delay for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring in Avionic Systems

Daeha Jiny, Junhee Ryu, Heonshik Shin, Juyoung Park, Kyungtae Kang


Performance and Reliability Analysis of Small Cell Networks with Retrials and Different Breakdowns Disciplines: A Computational Approach

Nawel Gharbi


An Admission Control Scheme based on Transmissions Scheduling for Wireless Mesh Networks

Dromard Juliette, Khoukhi Lyes and Khatoun Rida


Outage Tolerant Markov Model of Wireless Fading Channels for Statistical Parameter Estimation

Anjana Jain, Prakash Vyavahare and Leeladhar Arya


Effect of radio interference models on the performance of time slot assignment algorithms in IEEE 802.16j relay networks

Ryosuke Mine, Go Hasegawa, Yoshiaki Taniguchi and Hirotaka Nakano


Joint Random Linear Network Coding and Convolutional Code with Interleaving for Multihop Wireless Network

Misfa Susanto, Yim Fun Hu and Prashant Pillai


Performance Evaluation of Alternative Network Architectures for Sensor-satellite Integrated Networks

Suraj Verma, Prashant Pillai and Yim Fun Hu


Performance Evaluation of QoS and Load balancing Strategies for VANET Based Gateway Discovery Protocols

Noura Aljari, K. Abrougui, M. Almulla, A. Boukerche

Accepted Paper List of PAMS-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Design and Implementation of the NorNet Core Research Testbed for Multi-Homed Systems

Thomas Dreibholz and Ernst Gran


Network Topology Inference from End-to-End Unicast Measurements

Amir Malekzadeh and Mike H. MacGregor


Throughput Analysis of Load-Sharing Protocols in an Inter-Continental Testbed Environment

Hakim Adhari, Erwin Rathgeb, Xing Zhou


Multipath Video Streaming based on Hierarchical Routing Management

Thomas Volkert, Martin Becke and Manuel Osdoba


Non-Renegable Selective Acknowledgments (NR-SACKs) for MPTCP

Fan Yang and Paul Amer


Mitigating Receiver’s Buffer Blocking by Delay Aware Packet Scheduling in Multipath Data Transfer

Golam Sarwar, Roksana Boreli, Emmanuel Lochin, Ahlem Mifdaoui and Guillaume Smith

Accepted Paper List of PITSaC-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



A Unified View on Data Path Aspects for Sensing Applications at a Smart City Scale

Vangelis Gazis, Martin Strohbach, Navot Akiva and Maximilian Walther


Parking easier by using context information of a Smart City

Juan Rico, Juan Sancho, Bruno Cendon and Miguel Camus


Challenges and considerations for smart parking applications

Lambros Lambrinos


Scripting a Smart City

Davide Carboni, Andrea Piras, Antonio Pintus, Alberto Serra, Atta Badii and Marco Tiemann


Validating a Business Model Framework for Smart City Services: The Case of FixMyStreet

Nils Walravens


A Living Smart City: Dynamically Changing Nodes Behavior Through Over the Air Programming

Jose Antonio Galache, Pablo Sotres, Juan R. Santana, Verica Gutierez, Luis Schez and Luis Muz


Design of Geographically Aggregatable Address and Routing toward Location Based Multicast

Kazuya Okada, Takeshi Okuda and Suguru Yamaguchi


Potential Battlefield Networks Management: Scale Free Network Applications

Dhananjay Singh and Gaurav Tripathi


HIP security architecture for the IP-based Internet of Things

Francisco Vidal Meca, Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, Oscar Garcia Morchon, Sandeep S. Kumar, Sye Loong Keoh and Pedro Moreno Sanchez


Architecture for smart highway real time monitoring

Felix Villanueva Molina, Javier Albusac, Luis Jimenez, David Villa and Juan Carlos Lopez


Semantic-based Knowledge Dissemination and Extraction in Smart Environments

Michele Ruta, Floriano Scioscia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Domenico Rotondi and Salvatore Piccione


Differential Elliptic Point Addition in Twisted Edwards Curves

Leandro Marin and Paul Gorissen


Ethics inside

Rob Van Kranenburg


Heterogeneous device interaction based on an IPv6 enabled service-oriented architecture for building automation systems

Markus Jung, Alex Olivieri and Wolfgang Kastner


RFID Tracking for urban transportation using EPCGlobal-based WebServices

Jose Ivan San Jose Vieco, Jose Manuel Pastor Garc, Roberto Zangroniz Cantabrana and Juan Jose de Dios de Dios


Towards Ambient Assisted Cities and Citizens

Diego Lopez-De-Ipina, Bernhard Klein and Jorge Perez-Velasco


Improving service quality for parking lot users using intelligent parking reservation policies

Nikolaos Doulamis, Eftychios Protopapadakis and Lambros Lambrinos


An Extended Topic-based Pub/Sub Broker for Cooperative Mobile Services

Augusto Morales, Ramon Alcarria, Edwin Cede and Tomas Robles Valladares


Extension of the ITS Station Architecture to Low-Power Pervasive Sensor Networks

Laszlo Virag, Josef Kovacs and Andras Edelmayer


Benchmarking Internet of Things deployments in Smart Cities

Franck Le Gall, Sophie Vallet Chevillard, Alexander Gluhak and Zhang Xueli


Obtaining patient tracking and medications through RFID technology at the Day Hospital of Integrated Management of A Coru

Maria Martinez Perez, Jose Ramon Vizoso Hermida, Isabel Martin Herranz and Guillermo Vazquez Gonzalez


A Variability Model for Template Personalization in Mobile Prosumer Environments

Ramon Alcarria, Tomas Robles Valladares, Augusto Morales and Daniel Caballero Bellot


Probabilistic Model Checking as Means of Energy Evaluation in Communication Protocols

Sophia Petridou and Stylianos Basagiannis


Digcovery Mobile: A global service discovery for the Internet of Things

Antonio J. Jara, Pablo Lpez, David Fernadez Ros, Antonio F. Skarmeta


Enabling Participative Marketing through the Internet of Things

Antonio J. Jara, Maria Concepcion Parra, Antonio F. Skarmeta


Smart lighting solutions for Smart Cities

Antonio J. Jara, Miguel Castro, and Antonio F. Skarmeta


Survey of Internet of Things technologies for clinical environments

David Fernadez Ros, Pablo Lpez, Antonio J. Jara, Benito Ubeda, Miguel A. Zamora, Antonio F. Skarmeta

Accepted Paper List of SMME-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Adoption of Social Media for Internal Usage in a Global Enterprise

Stefan Stieglitz, Siegfried Schallenmuller, Christian Meske


Accessing Knowledge with a Game - a Meta-analysis of Prediction Markets

Christian W. Scheiner, Philipp Haas, Niklas Leicht, Kai-Ingo Vogt


Taxonomy of Business Values for Enterprise Apps

Tobias Brockmann


Usage of Social Media for external stakeholder Relationship Management a study of German Companies and international non-governmental organizations

Nina Kruger, Anna-Maria Schneider, Linh Dang-Xuan, Stefan Stieglitz


A Mobile Social Network for Collaboration in Semi-Structured Business-Ecosystems - The Case of Block Restoration

Christoph Lattemann


Specification of mCRM Enterprise Applications to Support IT-Consultants

Tobias Brockmann, Stefan Stieglitz

Accepted Paper List of SMPE-2013

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Paper Title



Analysis of the forensic traces left by AirPrint in Apple iOS devices

Luis Gomez-Miralles, Joan Arnedo-Moreno


SWIFT: A Secure Web Domain Filter in Hardware

Vlado Altmann, Jens Rohrbeck, Peter Danielis, Dirk Timmermann, Maik R, Matthias Ninnemann


Reputation Scoring System Using an Economic Trust Model

Marat Vyshegorodtsev, Daisuke Miyamoto, Yasushi Wakahara


Behavior Ontology: A Framework to Detect Attack Patterns for Security

Sujeong Woo, Jinho On, Moonkun Lee


Integration of Privacy Protection Mechanisms in Location-Based Services

Pericle Perazzo, Gianluca Dini


Toward mobile authentication with keystroke dynamics on mobile phones and tablets

Matthias Trojahn, Frank Ortmeier


A Practical Steganographic Approach for Matroska based High Quality Video files

Nikolaos Pitropakis, Costas Lambrinoudakis, Dimitris Geneiatakis, Dimitris Gritzalis


A Two-tier Overlay Publish/Subscribe System for Sensor Data Stream Using Geographic Based Load Balancing

Tatsuya Fukui, Satoshi Matsuura, Atsuo Inomata, Kazutoshi Fujikawa


Bidirectional Private Policy Matching based on Additively Homomorphic Encryption Systems

Momoko Aoyama, Fumihiro Mori, Hirofumi Yamaki


Determining Home Users' Vulnerability to Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Attacks

Shadi Esnaashari, Ian Welch


Design and Implementation of IP Network Behaviour Analysis System Based on NetFlow

Huihui Hou, Tongge Xu, Rongbo Zou


A Scheme for the Generation of Strong ICMetrics based Session Key Pairs for Secure Embedded System Applications

Ruhma Tahir, Gareth Howells, Housheng Hu, Dongbing Gu, Klaus McDonald-Maier


Petri-Net Based User Profile Data Ontology for SNS

Hwa-Young Jeong, Jong-Hyuk Park, Young-Sik Jeong


Traditional Culture Learning System for Korean Folk Literature, Pansori

Dong-Keon Kim, Woon-Ho Choi

Accepted Paper List of TeNAS-2013

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Design and Implementation of Real-Time Flow Viewer Across Different Domains for Future Internet

Wun-Yuan Huang, Jen-Wei Hu, Ta-Yuan Chou, Te-Lung Liu


Designing a Testbed for Broadcast Opportunistic Wireless Data Dissemination Protocols

Nasif Muslim, Florian Pregizer


Analyzing Broadband Divide in the Farming Sector

Michael Jensen, Jose M. Gutierrez and Jens M. Pedersen


Sensor Data Processing Method Based on Observed Person’s Similarity for Motion Estimation

Shintaro Imai, Mariko Miyamoto, Yoshikazu Arai, Toshimitsu Inomata


A Retrospective Analysis of QoS Deployment, Operation and Use in Enterprise and Provider Networks

Michael Mackay, Christopher Edwards


Client Buffering Considerations for Video Streaming

R. Pereira, E. G. Pereira


Performance Evaluation of Transmission Order Control on Relay Nodes in Multi-hopWireless Networks

Kentaro Kameyama, Hiroyuki Koga, Masayoshi Shimamura, Yutaka Fukuda and Takeshi Ikenaga


A Machine Learning Algorithm for Searching Vectorised RDF Data

Asaad Hadi, Paul Fergus, Chelsea Dobbins, Abbas Muhsin, Abir Hussain,,and Dhyia

Accepted Paper List of WReCS-2013

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Proposal of Sensor Data Gathering System with Single Board Computer

Katsuysohi Matsumoto, Motoi Yamagiwa, Minoru Uehara, Hideki Mori


Proposal of solar powered grid computing with reuse handheld devices

Motoi Yamagiwa, Katsuyoshi Matsumoto, Minoru Uehara


Interactive Interface for Web-based Programming Environment

Hideaki Yamagisawa, Kayo KONDO


Research of PE Array Connection Network for Cool Mega-Array

Rie Uno, Nobuaki Ozaki, Hideharu Amano


An FPGA Implementation of Reconfigurable Real-Time Vision Architecture

Jorge Hiraiwa, Hideharu Amano


A Dependable CSP-based Small World Communication Processor

Hideki Mori, Katsuyoshi Matsumoto, Minoru Uehara


A circuit division method for High-Level synthesis on Multi-FPGA systems

Kugami Daiki, Takaaki Miyajima, Hideharu Amano


Fault Tolerance on NOCs (Invited Talk)

Jose Miguel Montanana