List of Accepted Papers


Accepted Paper List of AINA-2014 main conference

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Paper Title




PUSH: Proactive Unified Spectrum Handoff in CR-MANETs

Samad Nejatian; Sharifah K. Syed-Yusof; Nurul Mu'azzah Abdul Latiff; Vahid Asadpour; Hassan Khastavaneh



Delay Asymmetry Correction Model for Master-Slave Synchronization Protocols

Md. Arifur Rahman; Thomas Kunz; Howard Schwartz



From Self-Regulate to Admission Control in Real-Time Traffic Environment

Hengky Susanto; Byung-Guk Kim



End-to-end measurement of hop-by-hop available bandwidth

Go Hasegawa; Kazumasa Koitani; Masayuki Murata



Holistic Modeling and Performance Evaluation for Converged Network--Cloud Service Provisioning

Qiang Duan; Zhen Zheng



An identifier-locator approach to host multihoming

Bruce Simpson; Saleem N Bhatti



Mitigating Constant Jamming in Cognitive Radio Networks using Hybrid FEC Code

Victor Balogun; Axel Krings



Joint Allocation of Nodes and Links with Load Balancing in Network Virtualization

André Palhares; Marcelo Santos; Patricia Endo; Jônatas Vitalino; Moises Rodrigues;
Glauco Estácio Gonçalves; Djamel Hadj Sadok; Azimeh Sefidcon; Fetahi Wuhib



Transparent Multi-Hop Protocol Termination

Michael Karl; Thorsten Herfet



ASN-FWD: Shrinking the IPv4 Share on the Forwarding Information Base

Marta Lacerda; Marcos Siqueira; Paulo Coelho; Luis Faina; Lasaro Camargos; Christian Esteve Rothenberg; Rafael Pasquini



A Wi-Fi simulation model which supports channel scanning across multiple non-overlapping channels in NS3

Jason Ernst; Stefan Kremer; Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues



Congestion Control Scheme for Multimedia Streaming Service over High Bandwidth Delay Product Networks

Sunghee Lee; Kwangsue Chung



Periodic Control Update Overheads in OpenFlow-Based Enterprise Networks

Olatunde Awobuluyi



An Analytical View of Multiple CDNs Collaboration

Moises Rodrigues; Stenio Fernandes; Judith Kelner; Djamel Hadj Sadok

AINA-15 1569866265 An Analysis of the Impact of Out-Of-Order Recovery Algorithms on MPTCP Throughput Amani Alheid; Dritan Kaleshi; Angela Doufexi
AINA-16 1569867171 A Solution to the MCSP Problem Considering Physical Layer Degradations in Transparent Optical Networks Alexandre Fontinele; Iallen Santos; André Soares; José Maranhão; Felipe Mazullo
AINA-17 1569867231 A Bandwidth-Feasibility Algorithm for Reliable Virtual Network Allocation Rafael Gomes; Luiz F. Bittencourt; Edmundo Madeira
AINA-18 1569867665 IP Spoofing Detection Using Modified Hop Count  Ayman Mukaddam; Imad H Elhajj; Ayman Kayssi; Ali Chehab
AINA-19 1569867747 New Heuristic for Message Broadcasting in Networks Hovhannes A Harutyunyan; Cosmin Jimborean
AINA-20 1569872835 Conducting network research in large-scale platforms: Avoiding Pitfalls in PlanetLab Marcelo Santos; Stenio Fernandes; Carlos A Kamienski
AINA-21 1569872877 Innovating on Interdomain Routing with an Inter-SDN Component Ricardo Bennesby; Edjard S. Mota; Paulo Fonseca; Alexandre Passito
AINA-22 1569856351 CollabAssure:A Collaborative Market Based Data Service Assurance Framework For Mobile Devices Bhanu Kaushik; Honggang Zhang; Xinyu Yang; Xinwen Fu; Benyuan Liu
AINA-23 1569856863 Simulation-Based Performance Evaluation of the MLSD Protocol for Infrastructure WMNs Gledson Elias; Daniel Porto
AINA-24 1569867709 On the impact of network coding delay for IEEE 802.11s infrastructure wireless mesh networks Ernesto Carrillo; Victor Ramos
AINA-25 1569867951 Dynamic Hierarchical Trust Management of Mobile Groups and Its Application to Misbehaving Node Detection Ing-Ray Chen; Jia Guo
AINA-26 1569871021 An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm For Interference-Aware Cluster-heads Selection in Ad hoc Networks Mahboobeh Parsapoor, Parsa
AINA-27 1569853439 Priority-Based Multi-Event Reporting in Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks Israel Leyva-Mayorga; Mario E. Rivero-Angeles; Chadwick Carreto-Arellano
AINA-28 1569854943 Available-Bandwidth-based Routing in IEEE 802.15.4-based Ad-hoc Networks: Proactive vs. Opportunistic Technique Muhammad Omer Farooq; Thomas Kunz
AINA-29 1569854993 A Guaranteed Lifetime Protocol for Real-Time Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks Babar Shah; Ki-Il Kim


Directional Pulse/Tone Based Channel Reservation

Lucas Guimaraes; Jacir Luiz Bordim

AINA-31 1569855043 OTICOR: Opportunistic Time Slot Assignment in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks  Ons Mabrouk; Hanen Idoudi; Ichrak Amdouni; Ridha Soua; Pascale Minet; Leila Azouz Saidane
AINA-32 1569855137 A TDMA-based Energy Aware MAC (TEA-MAC) Protocol for Reliable Multicast in WSNs Ashutosh Bhatia; Ramesh C. Hansdah
AINA-33 1569855523 A Power Assignment Method for Multi-Sink WSN with Outage Probability Constraints  Marcelo Eduardo Pellenz; Edgard Jamhour; Manoel Camillo Penna; Richard Demo Souza; Glauber Brante
AINA-34 1569856245 Integration of Push-based and Pull-based Connectivity Status Sharing for Efficient Data Forwarding toward Mobile Sinks in Wireless Sensor Networks  Takeshi Yoshimura; Kazuya Matsuo; Akimitsu Kanzaki; Shojiro Nishio
AINA-35 1569856759 Greedy Flooding in Redoubtable Sensor Networks  Nesrine Ouled Abdallah; Akka Zemmari; Mohamed Mosbah; Mohamed Jmaiel
AINA-36 1569857073 Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Connect Disjoint Segments of Wireless Sensor Network Tales Heimfarth; João Paulo de Araujo
AINA-37 1569863993 Secure Data Transmission Protocol for Wireless Medical Sensor Networks Ben othman Soufiene
AINA-38 1569867651 HADCC: Hybrid Advanced Distributed and Centralized Clustering Path Planning Algorithm for WSNs Muhammad Aslam; Muhammad Bilal; Muhammad Asad; Asad Ali; Ehsan Ullah Munir; Tauseef Shah; Syed Bilal
AINA-39 1569871849 A Synchronization and Routing Protocol for Rechargeable Sensor Networks Fumiaki Sato
AINA-40 1569872175 Mobile Sensor Networks for Leak and Backflow Detection in Water Distribution Systems Mahima Suresh; Lidia Smith; Amin Rasekh; Radu Stoleru; Katherine Banks; Basem Shihada
AINA-41 1569872895 Evaluation of a Genetic Programming Approach to Generate Wireless Sensor Network Applications Tales Heimfarth; João Paulo de Araujo; Renato Resende Ribeiro de Oliveira; Raphael Winckler de Bettio
AINA-42 1569872897 FEEL: Forwarding Data Energy Efficiently with Load Balancing in Wireless Body Area Networks Muhammad Moid Sandhu; Nadeem Javaid; Mariam Akbar; Faisal Najeeb; Umar Qasim; Zahoor A Khan
AINA-43 1569872903 Investigating Impact of ACK in Non-Beacon Enabled Slotted IEEE 802.15.4 Danish Mahmood; Nadeem Javaid; Sana Ullah Qureshi; Ijaz Ahmed; Umar Qasim; Zahoor A Khan; Kamran Latif
AINA-44 1569872907 LAEEBA: Link Aware and Energy Efficient Scheme for Body Area Networks Sheeraz Ahmed; Nadeem Javaid; Mariam Akbar; Adeel Iqbal; Zahoor A Khan; Umar Qasim
AINA-45 1569872911 Peak Load Scheduling in Smart Grid Communication Environment Muhammad Asghar Khan; Nadeem Javaid; Muhammad Arif; Shah Saud; Umar Qasim; Zahoor A Khan
AINA-46 1569872919 HEX Clustering Protocol for Routing in Wireless Sensor Network Misbah Liaqat; Nadeem Javaid; Liaqat Ali; Siti Hafizah Ab Hamid; Mariam Akbar; Abdullah Gani
AINA-47 1569872933 TRP: Tunneling Routing Protocol for WSNs Mariam Akbar; Nadeem Javaid; Sidrah Yousaf; Ayesha Hussain Khan; Zahoor A Khan; Umar Qasim; Awais Adil Khan
AINA-48 1569872959 CEMob: Critical Data Transmission in Emergency with Mobility Support in WBANs Sidrah Yousaf; Nadeem Javaid; Mariam Akbar; Adeel Iqbal; Zahoor A Khan; Umar Qasim
AINA-49 1569872991 Energy Hole Analysis for Energy Efficient Routing in BANs Kamran Latif; Nadeem Javaid; Adeel Iqbal; Zahoor A Khan; Umar Qasim; Turki Ali Alghamdi
AINA-50 1569854633 Cooperative Mobile Live Streaming Considering Neighbor Reception Sho Hatakeyama; Yoshiki Sakata; Hiroshi Shigeno
AINA-51 1569855889 Node Position Forecast in MANET with PheroCast  Paulo Coelho; Enrique Fynn; Luis Faina; Rafael Pasquini; Lasaro Camargos
AINA-52 1569856383 USABle - A communication framework for ubiquitous systems  Marcio Maia; Rossana Maria de Castro Andrade; Carlos Alberto de Queiroz, Filho; Reinaldo Bezerra Braga; Saulo Aguiar; Rute Nogueira; Bruno Gois; Fredrik Toorn
AINA-53 1569867193 A Personalized Learning System with an Augmented Reality Browser for Ecosystem Fieldwork Masato Kasahara; Kosuke Takano; Kin Fun Li
AINA-54 1569867659 Application-Aware Fast Dormancy in LTE  Jacques Bou Abdo; Imad Sarji; Imad H Elhajj; Ali Chehab; Ayman Kayssi
AINA-55 1569867907 Determining Per-mode Battery Usage within Non-trivial Mobile Device Apps Deepali Arora; Mustafa Abousaleh; David Yarrish; Stephen W Neville; Thomas E Darcie
AINA-56 1569872855 Clock Synchronization in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks based on an Iterative Approximate Byzantine Consensus Protocol Li Chuanyou; Michel Hurfin; Yun Wang
AINA-57 1569873293 Annotation-based Access Control Approach for Ubiquitous Systems José Bringel Filho
AINA-58 1569851219 Processing Probabilistic K-Nearest Neighbor Query Using Rlsd-tree Yuan-Ko Huang
AINA-59 1569857161 A Quality-Aware and Energy-Efficient Context Management Framework for Ubiquitous Systems Vinicius Bezerra; Misael Junior; Olga Valéria; Constantino Dias Neto; Marcus Lemos; Liliam Leal; Carlos Giovanni Nunes de Carvalho; José Bringel Filho; Raimir Holanda; Agoulmine Nazim
AINA-60 1569867761 Optimizing Energy Consumption in Broker-Assisted Cyber Foraging Systems Manjinder Nir; Ashraf Matrawy; Marc St-Hilaire
AINA-61 1569871615 Intelligent Electrocardiogram Monitoring System for Early Arrhythmia Detection Juyoung Park; Kuyeon Lee; Kyungtae Kang
AINA-62 1569872097 A Semantic Approach for Learning Situation Detection  Ana Marilza Pernas; João Ladislau Lopes; Adenauer Yamim; José Palazzo
AINA-63 1569872143 A Distributed Architecture for Supporting Context-Aware Applications in UbiComp Joao Lopes; Rodrigo Souza; Ana Marilza Pernas; Adenauer Yamim; Claudio Geyer
AINA-64 1569852913 HER-MAC: A Hybrid Efficient and Reliable MAC for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks Duc Ngoc Minh Dang; Hanh Ngoc Dang; VanDung Nguyen; Zaw Htike; Choong Seon Hong
AINA-65 1569866405 Joint MAC and Network Layer Control for VANET Broadcast Communications Considering End-to-end Latency Celimuge Wu; Satoshi Ohzahata; Yusheng Ji; Toshihiko Kato
AINA-66 1569867539 A Sensitive Metric for the Assessment of Vehicular Communication Applications Robert Protzmann; Björn Schünemann; Ilja Radusch
AINA-67 1569871763 Reducing the Amount of Small Data Communication for Telematics Services  Hirohito Kakizawa; Ryozo Kiyohara
AINA-68 1569871919 Theoretical Analysis of Safety Message Transmission Performance in VANETs Jia Chen; Juhua Pu; Yu Xie; Xiaolan Tang; Zhang Xiong
AINA-69 1569872107 Improving information dissemination in vehicular networks by selecting appropriate disseminators Fabrício Aguiar Silva; Thais R. M. Braga Silva; Fabricio Benevenuto; Linnyer Beatrys Ruiz; Antonio A.F. Loureiro
AINA-70 1569844389 On the Practicability to Implement Byzantine Fault Tolerant Services Based on Tuple Space Aldelir Fernando Luiz; Lau Cheuk Lung
AINA-71 1569853885 Combining Decomposition and Lumping to Evaluate Semi-hierarchical Systems  Nils Henning Müllner; Oliver Theel; Martin Fränzle
AINA-72 1569855339 Robust Parallel Redeployment Algorithm for MEMS Microrobots Hicham Lakhlef; Hakim Mabed; Julien Bourgeois
AINA-73 1569855905 Collision-fast Atomic Broadcast Rodrigo Schmidt; Lasaro Camargos; Fernando Pedone
AINA-74 1569872487 A High-performance DAG Task Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Networked Embedded Systems Guoqi Xie; Renfa Li; Xiongren Xiao; Yuekun Chen
AINA-75 1569847873 Efficient Distributed Spatial Semijoins and their Application in Multiple-Site Queries Nawshad Farruque; Wendy K Osborn
AINA-76 1569847957 Performance Analysis of BitTorrent-like P2P Networks for Video Streaming Services at the Chunk Level  Edgar Eduardo Báez Esquivel; Mario E. Rivero-Angeles; Izlian Orea
AINA-77 1569855977  Formal Verification of Fault-Tolerant and Recovery Mechanisms for Safe Node Sequence Protocol  Rui Zhou; Rong Min; Qi Yu; Chanjuan Li; Qingguo Zhou; Kuan-Ching Li; Qi Ji; Lei Yang; Xuan Wang
AINA-78 1569867773 Statistical Assessment of Sybil-placement Strategies within DHT-structured Peer-to-Peer Botnets  Deepali Arora; Adam Verigin; Teghan Godkin; Stephen W Neville
AINA-79 1569872467 Trust Aware System for P2P Routing Protocols  Haidar Safa; Wassim El-Hajj; Marwa Moutaweh
AINA-80 1569872479 Minimizing Cost of K-Replica in Hierarchical Data Grid Environment  Yaser Mansouri
AINA-81 1569850761 DAT: Dependency analysis tool for service based business processes  Olfa Bouchaala; Mohamed Yangui; Samir Tata; Mohamed Jmaiel
AINA-82 1569852165 QoE estimation for web service selection using a Fuzzy-Rough hybrid expert system  Jeevan Pokhrel; Felipe Lalanne; Ana Cavalli; Wissam Mallouli
AINA-83 1569853863 Mobile application platform heterogeneity: Android vs Windows Phone vs iOS vs Firefox OS  Tor-Morten Grønli; Jarle Hansen; Gheorghita Ghinea; Muhammad Younas
AINA-84 1569854769 Unbiased Estimation Based on Biased Sampled Data of Communication Networks  Shigeo Shioda
AINA-85 1569855297 Cache Replacement Algorithms for YouTube  Ming-Chang Lee; Fang-Yie Leu; Ying-ping Chen
AINA-86 1569867435 CODE (Common Ontology DEvelopment): A Knowledge Integration Approach from Multiple Ontologies  Dhomas Hatta Fudholi; Wenny Rahayu; Eric Pardede
AINA-87 1569867439 XSM - A Tracking System for XML Schema Versions  Abdullah Baqasah; Eric Pardede; Wenny Rahayu
AINA-88 1569867679 Performance Evaluation of Cognitive Radio Networks under Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum Bands  Salah Zahed; Irfan Awan; Andrea Cullen; Muhammad Younas
AINA-89 1569871839 Dynamic Progressive Enhancement of Mobile Web Applications via Multicriteria Decision Making  Heiko Desruelle; Frank Gielen
AINA-90 1569872183 Semantics-enhanced Recommendation System for Social Healthcare  Nazia Zaman; Juan Li
AINA-91 1569855971 Semantic Graph Compression with Hypergraphs  Arber Borici; Alex Thomo
AINA-92 1569866811 Personalized Healthcare Recommender Based on Social Media  Juan Li; Nazia Zaman
AINA-93 1569867717 Computing Sammon's Projection of Social Networks by Differential Evolution  Pavel Kromer; Milos Kudelka; Vaclav Snasel; Martin Radvansky; Zdenek Horak
AINA-94 1569867737 Privacy and Node Cooperation in Mobile Social Networks  Ahmed B. Altamimi; T. Aaron Gulliver
AINA-95 1569852143 Stabilizing Agent's Interactions in Dynamic Contexts  Pascal Francois Faye; Mbaye Sene; Samir Aknine
AINA-96 1569870085 Handling Sensor & Control Errors in Complex Adaptive Network Systems  Kaliappa Ravindran
AINA-97 1569849993 Impact of MapReduce Task Re-execution Policy on Job Completion Reliability and Job Completion Time  Jia-Chun Lin; Fang-Yie Leu; Ying-ping Chen; Waqaas Munawar
AINA-98 1569852083 Prototyping Incentive-based Resource Assignment for Clouds in Community Networks  Amin M. Khan; Ümit Büyükşahin; Felix Freitag
AINA-99 1569854231 Architecture of Distributed Data Aggregation Service  Vlad Serbanescu; Florin Pop; Valentin Cristea; Gabriel Antoniu
AINA-100 1569855511 Reputation-based Composition of Social Web Services  Alessandro Celestini; Gianpiero Costantino; Rocco De Nicola; Zakaria Maamar; Fabio Martinelli; Marinella Petrocchi; Francesco Tiezzi
AINA-101 1569856559 Towards a Community Cloud Storage  Ying Liu; Vladimir Vlassov; Leandro Navarro
AINA-102 1569859603 Supersaturated Cloud for Multicore Systems  Minoru Uehara
AINA-103 1569866563 A Cloud Trust Evaluation System using Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference System for Service Selection  Chenhao Qu; Rajkumar Buyya
AINA-104 1569870949 Robust Scheduling of Scientific Workflows with Deadline and Budget Constraints in Cloud  Deepak Poola; Saurabh Kumar Garg; Rajkumar Buyya; Yun Yang; Ramamohanarao Kotagiri
AINA-105 1569871017 Open Government Data Visualization System to Facilitate Evidence-based Debate Using a Large-scale Interactive Display  Nobuyuki Kukimoto
AINA-106 1569872177 Automated Dynamic Resource Provisioning and Monitoring in Virtualized Large-scale Datacenter  Sameera Abar; Pierre Lemarinier; Georgios Theodoropoulos; Gregory O'Hare
AINA-107 1569850287 A New Efficient and Secure POR Scheme Based on Network Coding  Thao Tran; Kazumasa Omote
AINA-108 1569852239 Toward a Framework for Continuous Authentication using Stylometry  Marcelo Luiz Brocardo; Issa Traore; Isaac Woungang
AINA-109 1569852341 Protecting Run-time Filters for Network Intrusion Detection Systems  Victor C. Valgenti; Hai Sun; Min S Kim
AINA-110 1569855365 Graph Anonymization using Machine Learning  Maria Laura Maag; Ludovic Denoyer; Patrick Gallinari
AINA-111 1569856081 Analyzing Cascading Failures in Smart Grids under Random and Targeted Attacks  Sushmita Ruj; Arindam Pal
AINA-112 1569856121 A Spoofing Attack against a Cancelable Biometric Authentication Scheme  Tetsuya Izu; Yumi Sakemi; Masahiko Takenaka; Naoya Torii
AINA-113 1569856739 New Condition for Hierachical Secret Image Sharing Scheme  Angelina Espejel-Trujillo; Mariko Nakano-Miyatake; Hector Perez-Meana
AINA-114 1569856891 RFID Path Authentication, Revisited Mohammad Saiful Islam Mamun; Atsuko Miyaji
AINA-115 1569856965 A Scalable and Secure RFID Ownership Transfer Protocol Mohammad Saiful Islam Mamun; Atsuko Miyaji
AINA-116 1569867197 An Efficient and Transparent One-Time Authentication Protocol with Non-Interactive Key Scheduling and Update  Arcangelo Castiglione; Francesco Palmieri; Aniello Castiglione; Alfredo De Santis
AINA-117 1569867257 Privacy-preserving Hypothesis Testing for the Analysis of Epidemiological Medical Data  Hiroaki Kikuchi; Tomoki Sato; Jun Sakuma
AINA-118 1569867609 A Scalable Approach to Source Camera Identification over Hadoop  Umberto Ferraro Petrillo; Giuseppe Cattaneo; Gianluca Roscigno
AINA-119 1569867699 Combating Insider Attacks in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks with Broadcast Encryption  Joseph Soryal; Irippuge Milinda Perera; Ihab Darwish; Nelly Fazio; Rosario Gennaro; Tarek Saadawi
AINA-120 1569867707 MARD: A Framework for Metamorphic Malware Analysis and Real-Time Detection  Shahid Alam; R. Nigel Horspool; Issa Traore
AINA-121 1569867755 Channel Estimation for Secret Key Generation  Michael McGuire
AINA-122 1569871843 A Rotation Session Key-based Transposition Cryptosystem Scheme on Mobile Text Chatting  Hsing-Chung Chen
AINA-123 1569871997 Malicious Behavior Analysis for Android Applications  Quan Qian; Cai Jing
AINA-124 1569856189 Determination of delay bound over multi-hop real-time switches with virtual output queuing  Sanghwa Han; Junhee Ryu; Kyungtae Kang
AINA-125 1569856769 TDFA: Traceback-based Defense against DDoS Flooding Attacks  Vahid Aghaei Foroushani; Nur Zincir-Heywood
AINA-126 1569872841 AgNOS: A Framework for Autonomous Control of Software-Defined Networks  Alexandre Passito; Edjard S. Mota; Ricardo Bennesby; Paulo Fonseca
AINA-127 1569840735 A Simple Broadcast Algorithm for Recurrent Dynamic Systems  Michel Raynal; Jiannong Cao; Weigang Wu; Julien Stainer
AINA-128 1569852345 Invisible Barriers: Identifying restrictions affecting New Zealanders' access to the Internet  Shadi Esnaashari; Ian Welch; Brenda Chawner
AINA-129 1569852695 Evaluation of the Extended Improved Redundant Power Consumption Laxity-Based (EIRPCLB) Algorithm Tomoya Enokido; Ailixier Aikebaier; Makoto Takizawa
AINA-130 1569852919 Tabu Search Algorithm for Ground Station Scheduling  Fatos Xhafa; Admir Barolli; Makoto Takizawa
AINA-131 1569852963 Energy-aware Replication Models of Mobile Agents  Tomoya Enokido; Ailixier Aikebaier; Dilawaer Duolikun; Makoto Takizawa
AINA-132 1569852967 Role-based Information Flow Control Models  Shigenari Nakamura; Dilawaer Duolikun; Tomoya Enokido; Makoto Takizawa
AINA-133 1569854959 Header Field Based Partitioning of Network Traffic for Distributed Packet Capturing and Processing  Ruediger Gad; Martin Kappes; Robin Mueller-Bady; Inmaculada Medina-Bulo
AINA-134 1569855123 Secure Routing with an Integrated Localized Key Management Protocol in MANETs  Shrikant H Talawar; Soumyadev Maity; Ramesh C. Hansdah
AINA-135 1569855747 Energy Usage of UDP and DCCP over 802.11n  Mamun Abu-Tair; Saleem N Bhatti
AINA-136 1569856585 Efficient Beacon-less Broadcasting in MANETs  Louisa Harutyunyan; Jaroslav Opatrny
AINA-137 1569857039 On the Use of Traffic Information to Improve the Coordinated P2P Detection of SLA Violations  Jéferson Nobre; Lisandro Z Granville; Alexander Clemm; Alberto Gonzalez Prieto
AINA-138 1569857121 Design and Analysis of Symbol Detection Schemes with Imperfect CSI for SDF-Relay Networks  Ali Zarei Ghanavati; Daniel Lee
AINA-139 1569866555 Analyzing the Effect of Replacement Method in Simulated Annealing for Solution of Node Placement Problem in WMNs  Shinji Sakamoto; Elis Kulla; Tetsuya Oda; Leonard Barolli; Fatos Xhafa
AINA-140 1569866565 Mesh Router Placement in Wireless Mesh Networks: Performance Evaluation Using a Web Interface  Tetsuya Oda; Leonard Barolli; Evjola Spaho
AINA-141 1569866889 Node Placement in WMNs Using WMN-HC System and Different Movement Methods  Xinyue Chang; Evjola Spaho; Tetsuya Oda; Leonard Barolli; Fatos Xhafa
AINA-142 1569866933 Prediction of Sensor Lifetime by Simulations in Wireless Sensor Networks using Fuzzy Logic  Wang Qi; Elis Kulla; Gjergji Mino; Leonard Barolli
AINA-143 1569866951 An Integrated Ad hoc and Cellular Network System based on Fuzzy Logic Elis Kulla; Tetsuya Oda; Shinji Sakamoto; Santi Caballé; Leonard Barolli
AINA-144 1569866983 Adaptive Decision-Making Scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks  Ismail AlQerm; Basem Shihada
AINA-145 1569867009 Analysis of WMN-GA Simulation Results: WMN Performance Considering Heterogeneous Environment  Makoto Ikeda; Tetsuya Oda; Shinji Sakamoto; Leonard Barolli
AINA-146 1569867137 A Clustered SDN Architecture for Large Scale WSON  Manoel Camillo Penna; Edgard Jamhour; Marcio Miguel
AINA-147 1569867201 An approach to Overcome the Complexity of Network Management Situations by Mashments  Oscar Mauricio Caicedo Rendon; Carlos Felipe Estrada-Solano; Lisandro Z Granville
AINA-148 1569867211 Augmented Reality for Improved Service Delivery  Markus Aleksy
AINA-149 1569867721 Towards SLA Policy Refinement for QoS Management in Software-Defined Networking  Cristian Cleder Machado; Lisandro Z Granville; Alberto E. Schaeffer-Filho; Juliano A Wickboldt
AINA-150 1569867743 Efficient Hashing for Dynamic Per-Flow Network-Interface Selection  Paul A.S. Ward
AINA-151 1569871057 Redundant And Relay Assistant Scheduling Of Small Satellites  Lei Xia
AINA-152 1569872775 Empowering the healthcare worker using the Portable Health Clinic  Kai Eiko
AINA-153 1569873303 Design and Implementation of Mobile Broadcast System  Agustinus Borgy Waluyo; David Taniar; Srinivasan Bala
AINA-154 1569873567 Reverse Nearest Neighbour by Region on Mobile Devices  Kiki Maulana; David Taniar; Maria Indrawan; Dirda Muthi Latjuba
AINA-155 1569873855 Security in Online Assessments: Towards an Effective Trustworthiness Approach to Support e-Learning Teams  Jorge Miguel; Santi Caballé; Fatos Xhafa; Josep Prieto
AINA-156 1569877359 Secure Deduplication System with Keyword Search in Cloud Storage  Jin Li; Fatos Xhafa; Xiaofeng Chen; Leonard Barolli
AINA-157 1569881329 A Novel Method for the Interpretation of Spectrometer Signals Based on Delta-Modulation and Similarity Determination  Petra Perner
AINA-158 1569882001 Efficient and Verifiable Algorithm for Secure Outsourcing of Large-scale Linear Programming  Haixin Nie; Xiaofeng Chen; Jin Li; Joseph Liu; Wenjing Lou
AINA-159 1569896535 Faster Translated Binary Execution on Mobile System through Virtualization  Min Choi; Hyun-Woo Lee; Wonjae Lee; Jong Hyuk Park
AINA-160 1569867541 Capturing and Analyzing Pervasive Data for SmartHealth Joseph Kee-Yin Ng, Jiantao Wang, Kam-Yiu Lam, Calvin Ho Chuen Kam

Accepted Paper List of BICom-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title


BICOM-1 Balanced process model using polynomial regression model Likewin Thomas 
BICOM-2 An Intelligent Touring System based on Mobile Social Network and Cloud Computing for Travel Recommendation Yuan-Tse Yu, Chung-Ming Huang, Yun-Tz Lee
BICOM-3 Distinguishing between Web Attacks and Vulnerability Scans based on Behavioral Characteristics Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova, Ana Dimitrijevikj 
BICOM-4 A Heuristic-Based Co-clustering Algorithm for the Internet Traffic Classification Wei Lu, Ling Xue
BICOM-5 Tracking and Abnormal Behavior Detection in Video Surveillance using Optical Flow and Neural Networks Nida Rasheed, Shoab Khan, Adnan Khalid
BICOM-6 Fuzzy-based Trust Management for Healthcare Social Networking Juan Li, Nazia Zaman, Yan Bai 
BICOM-7 Distributed uncertain data mining for aggregate frequent patterns Carson K. Leung
BICOM-8 Novel MMSE based Prediction Techniques for Narrow-band Interference Removal Neeraj Varshney, Roop C Jain 
BICOM-9 Performance Evaluation of MADM Algorithms for A Seamless Vertical Handover Decision Making Algorithm Based on Context Awareness Afif Mériem, Sassi Maaloul, Sami Tabbane 
BICOM-10 A Fast Efficient Fraction-Pixel Displacement for H.264/AVC Motion Compensation Lung-Jen Wang, Chia-Tzu Shu
BICOM-11 Botnet Behaviour Analysis using IP Flows On effect of flow exporter tools and protocol filters Fariba Haddadi, Nur Zincir-Heywood
BICOM-12 Implementation of a Rule-Based Algorithm Using Zigbee-Based Wireless Sensor for Management of Electricity Consumption Azim Keshtkar, Siamak Arzanpoor
BICOM-13 Efficient Critical System Event Recognition and Prediction for Virtualization-based Cluster System Yuanyao Liu, Zhengping Wu
BICOM-14 Web Site Visit Forecasting using Data Mining Techniques Chandana Napagoda 
BICOM-15 Combining Wireless Sensor Networks and Machine Learning for Flash Flood Nowcasting Gustavo Furquim, Gustavo Pessin , Jo Ueyama, Maria Clara, Eduardo Mendiondo, Paulo de Souza, Desislava Dimitrova, Torsten Ingo Braun 
BICOM-16 SSL Application for Managed Security between the Mobile and HIS Biometric Information Collection Client Jae Pil Lee, Young Hyuk Kim, Il Kwon Lim, Jae Gwang Lee, Hyun Namgung, Jae Kwang Lee 
BICOM-17 Internet Traffic Engineering: Understanding the decision-making process for traffic management in South America Marcio A Deus, Paulo Carvalho,; João Leite 
BICOM-18 A Remote Control Method for Mobile Robots using Game Engines Osamu Ohashi, Yuka Kato 
BICOM-19 Efficient Process Mining through Critical Path Network Analysis Manoj Kumar M V, Annappa B, Likewin Thomas 
BICOM-20 A Novel Robust Optimized Support Vector Machines Shuchun Liu, Jun Guo, Sizhi Zhong, Yifan Li 
BICOM-22 Real-time Mobile Cloud Computing A Case Study in Face Recognition Marwa Ayad, Ashraf M Salem 
BICOM-23 A Smart Environment and Heuristic Diagnostic Teaching Principle-based System for Supporting Children with Autism During Learning Ardiana Sula, Evjola Spaho, Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa

Accepted Paper List of COLLABES-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



A Multi-Token Authorization Strategy for Secure Mobile Cloud Computing Azeem Ahmad


SSICC: Sharing Sensitive Information in a Cloud-of-Clouds Rick Lopes de Souza; Lau Cheuk Lung; Hylson Vescovi Netto; Ricardo Felipe Cust妖io


From Trust to Confidence of the Email System based on a new Correspondence Model Laurent Cailleux; Ahmed Bouabdallah; Jean-Marie Bonnin


Effective Third Party Auditing in Cloud Computing Mohammed Hussain; Mohamed Basel Almourad


ConExT-U: A Context-aware Exception Handling Mechanism for Task-Based Ubiquitous Systems Carlos Alberto de Queiroz, Filho; Rossana Maria de Castro Andrade; Lincoln Rocha; Reinaldo Bezerra Braga; Carina Teixeira De Oliveira


Design of an Ad Hoc Mobile Communication App for Disaster Recovery Allan Goncalves; Carlos Silva; Patricia A Morreale


Digital Convergence Services for Situation-aware POI Touring Hao-Hsiang Ku; Si-Yuan Huang


Composition and Management of Services Menuka Jain; Maria Prokopi


Storage Space Adjustment for Replication Placement in Service-Oriented Future Internet Architecture Liya Yi; Jian-ya Chen


Multi-Criteria Consensus-Based Service Selection Using Crowd-Sourcing Mahdi Sharifi; Azizah Abdul Manaf; Amir Vahid Dastjerdi; Homa Movahednejad; Ali Memariani; Haslina Sarkan


Verification of Non-Functional Properties of Cloud-based Distributed System Services Kaliappa Ravindran; Arun Adiththan


Modeling User Interactions in Social Communication Networks with Variable Social Vector Clocks Ta-Yuan Hsu; Ajay Kshemkalyani; Min Shen


Switching Standard Object of Object Coordinate System in Remote MR Cooperative Work Hiroyuki Endo


Data Network in Development of Networked Collaborative Virtual Environments: A Systematic Review Diego Dias; Rafael Durelli; Jose Brega; Bruno Gnecco; Luis Carlos Trevelin; Marcelo Guimarães


e-butler: A User-centric High Reliability Personal Portal Site Yoshio Kakizaki; Yoji Maeda; Hidekazu Tsuji

Accepted Paper List of DC2-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



VCPS: Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Road Services

Jaehoon Jeong, Eunseok Lee


UDP-DC2 User Data Processing Platform based on Device-Centric Cloud

Inchul Hwang, Sunhee Youm, Soohong Daniel Park, Hwajung Kim


WWF Web application Workload balancing Framework

Inchul Hwang, Jonggyu Ham


Dynamic Edge-Caching for Mobile Users Minimising Inter-AS traffic by moving Cloud Services and VMs

Fragkiskos Sardis, Glenford E Mapp, Jonathan Loo, Mahdi Aiash


Investigating the Impact of Live Migration on the Network Infrastructure in Enterprise Environments

Mahdi Aiash, Jose Sinti, Fowzan Jiffry


Secure Live Virtual Machines Migration: Issues and Solutions

Mahdi Aiash, Glenford E Mapp, Orhan Gemikonakli


QoS-aware Packet Chunking Schemes for M2M Cloud Services

Anan Sawabe, Kazuya Tsukamoto, Yuji Oie

Accepted Paper List of DMWPC-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



A First Look at Caching during TIP-tree Navigation for Location Based Services

Wendy K Osborn


Routing method based on relationship between neighboring nodes in WMNs

Wataru Kobayashi and Kazunori Ueda


Energy-Efficient Data Gathering using Sleep Scheduling and Spatio-Temporal Interpolation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Akimitsu Kanzaki, Shinya Kondo, Takahiro Hara, and Shojiro Nishio


Context-Aware Media Recommendations

Abayomi Moradeyo Otebolaku and Maria Teresa Andrade


A 3DCG Distribution System with Personalized Ranking for Augmented Reality User Interface

Hiroshi Honda and Kosuke Takano


A Menu-based Content Search System based on Relationships between Mobile User Context and Information Needs

Mayu Iwata, Hiroki Miyamoto, Takahiro Hara, Kentaro Shimatani, Tomohiro Mashita, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Shojiro Nishio, and Haruo Takemura


Data Allocation Techniques for Mobile Sensor Networks

Takahiro Hara and Shojiro Nishio


Data Transmission Techniques for Mobile Sensor Networks

Tomoki Yoshihisa and Shojiro Nishio


Communication Techniques for Mobile Sensor Networks

Akimitsu Kanzaki and Shojiro Nishio

Accepted Paper List of EEEWSN-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



An Ontology Driven Software Framework for the Healthcare Applications based on ANT+ Protocol Nadeem Mehmood and Rosario Culmone


Intelligent Evaluation Models based on the Single-hop Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks Ning Cao, Russell Higgs, and Gregory O'Hare


Deployment Challenges and Developments in Wireless Sensor Networks Clustering Krishna Doddapaneni, Fredrick Omondi, Enver Ever, Purav Shah, Orhan Gemikonakli and Roberto Gagliardi


Modeling of photovoltaic sources used in wireless sensor networks Carlos Sanchez Reinoso, Mariano De Paula and Sergio Gallina


Performance Evaluation of LTE network via using Fixed/Mobile Femtocells Rand Raheem, Aboubaker Lasebae and Jonathan Loo


DA-DCT Data Aggregation using Discrete Cosine Transform in Wireless Sensor Network Kideok Kwon, Hyunwoo Ju and Younghwan Yoo


On demand Multicast Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Clifford Sule, Purav Shah, Krishna Doddapaneni, Orhan Gemikonakli and Enver Ever


Cooperative Mini-clunches Clustering Approach in Wireless Sensor Network Virender Ranga

Accepted Paper List of FINA-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title


FINA-1 Fault-Tolerant Workflow Scheduling Using Spot Instances on Clouds Deepak Poola, Ramamohanarao Kotagiri, Rajkumar Buyya
FINA-2 A Design for Performance Improvement of Clock Synchronization in WSNs using a TDMA-based MAC Protocol Siddharth Watwe, Ashutosh Bhatia, Ramesh C. Hansdah
FINA-3 A Review: Understanding of Broadband over Power Line Network Kashif Nisar
FINA-4 A proposal for a NETCONF interface for OpenvSwitch Roberio Patricio, Bruno Lopes Alcantara Batista, Joaquim Celestino Júnior
FINA-5 A New Transmission Control Protocol for Active RFID Networks Fariha Baloch, Ravi Pendse
FINA-6 An Improved Queuing Delay Control-Based Method for Achieving QoS Requirements in NGN Networks Cherif Ghazel, Leila Azouz Saidane
FINA-7 Seamless Handoff and Performance Anomaly Reduction Schemes based on OpenFlow Access Points Won-Suk Kim, Sang-Hwa Chung, Chang-Woo Ahn, Mi-Rim Do
FINA-8 RD-TDMA: A Randomized Distributed TDMA Scheduling for Correlated Contention in WSNs Ashutosh Bhatia, Ramesh C. Hansdah
FINA-9 Evaluation of Space-Time-Frequency (STF)-coded MIMO-OFDM Systems in Realistic Channel Models Ricardo Kehrle Miranda, João Paulo Carvalho Lustosa da Costa, Marco Marinho, Edison Pignaton de Freitas, Rafael Timoteo de Sousa Junior
FINA-10 A S/Key-like One-Time Password Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards for Smart Meter Wei-Bin Lee, Tzung-Her Chen, Wei-Rung Sun, Kevin Ho
FINA-11 An approach for performance modelling and analysis of multi-tiers autonomic systems Mehdi Sliem, Nabila Salmi, Malika Ioualalen
FINA-12 Co-Channel Interference Mitigation Using Control Information based on Location Information in LTE Femtocell Systems Sok Chhorn, Seo Si-O, Mustafa Mohsini, Choong-Ho Cho, Seung-Wan Ryu, Hyong Woo Lee
FINA-13 A Novel Long Term Traffic Forecast Algorithm and Case Study for China Shoufeng Wang, Dongchen Zhang, Xiaoyan Xu, Tong Liang, Xingzheng Li, Wenwen Yao
FINA-15 Power-Latency Trade-offs in Virtualized Environments Waltenegus Dargie, Jianjun Wen
FINA-16 The Impact of Dissimilarity and Redundancy on the Reliability of DSRC Safety Applications Ahmed Serageldin, Axel Krings
FINA-17 Thai Related Foreign Language-Specific Website Segment Crawler Arnon Rungsawang, Tanaphol Suebchua, Bundit Manaskasemsak
FINA-18 A Study of Contact Network Generation for Cyber-bullying Detection Mingmei Li, Atsushi Tagami
FINA-19 A Priority Based Transmission Control Scheme Considering Remaining Energy for Body Sensor Network Nico Encarnacion, Hyunho Yang
FINA-21 Migration-Less Energy-Aware Task Scheduling Policies in Cloud Environments Seyedmehdi Hosseinimotlagh, Seyedmahyar Hosseinimotlagh, Farshad Khunjush
FINA-22 REST API Design Patterns for SDN Northbound API Li Li, Wei Zhou, Min Luo, Wu Chou
FINA-23 A Framework to Automate Cloud Monitoring Slices based on Multiple Monitoring Solutions Márcio Carvalho, Rafael Esteves, Guilherme Rodrigues, Lisandro Z Granville, Liane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco
FINA-24 An Energy Consumption Analysis of Beacon Enabled Slotted CSMA/CA IEEE 802.15.4 Muhammad Babar Rasheed, Nadeem Javaid, Arsalan Haider, Umar Qasim, Zahoor A Khan, Turki Ali Alghamdi
FINA-25 Protection Coverage and Risk Assessment for Security Networks Lv Haitao, Ruimin Hu, Jun Chen
FINA-26 Priority Scheme for Mobile Nodes in P2P Bit-Torrent Based Networks Edgar Eduardo Báez Esquivel, Mario E. Rivero-Angeles, Alfonso Fernandez-Vazquez
FINA-27 Distributed Line Outage Detection in Smart Grid Liang Zhao, Wen-Zhan Song, Lang Tong, Yuan Wu
FINA-28 Harmonic-fit partitioning scheduling for tasks on uniform and unrelated parallel processors Jian Xu
FINA-30 SLA-Based MapReduce Scheduling on Cloud Environments Mohammed Alrokayan, Amir Vahid Dastjerdi, Rajkumar Buyya
FINA-31 Layered Based Energy Efficient Approach in Wireless Sensor Network Shilpa Mahajan
FINA-33 Cloud Services Orchestration: A comparative study of existing approaches Khadija Bousselmi, Zaki Brahmi, Med Gammoudi
FINA-34 Protection Against Web 2.0 Client-side Web Attacks using Information Flow Control Bassam Sayed, Issa Traore
FINA-35 Defining computational resources prices based on the expectations equilibrium of consumers and providers from a Desktop Grid Lourival A. Gois, Eliana Ishikawa, Gabriel Casella
FINA-36 Improving and Optimizing the Operation Layer Algorithm of NETCONF Protocol Yang-Min Lee, JaeKee Lee
FINA-37 Towards a Multi-tenancy aware Cloud Service Composition Wael Sellami, Hatem Hadj kacem, Ahmed Hadj kacem
FINA-38 Assessing energy efficiency in ISP and Web Search Engine collaboration Nicolas Hidalgo, Erika Rosas, Graciela Veronica Gil-Costa, Mauricio Marin
FINA-39 Web Service Composition using Windows Workflow for Cloud-Based Mobile Application R Kanesaraj Ramasamy, Fang-Fang Chua, Su-Cheng Haw
FINA-40 An Energy-aware Routing Scheme in Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networking Zhe Chen, Feng Yang, Wenxue Yang
FINA-41 Composing Thermostatically Controlled Loads to Determine the Reliability against Blackouts Nils Henning Müllner, Oliver Theel, Martin Fränzle
FINA-42 DAIDS: An Architecture for Modular Mobile IDS Alaa Salman, Imad H Elhajj, Ali Chehab, Ayman Kayssi
FINA-44 On the Role of Semantic Descriptions for Adaptable Protocol Stacks in the Internet of Things Vangelis Gazis, Konstantinos Sasloglou, Andreas Merentitis, Kostas Mathioudakis
FINA-45 Statistical Analysis of MIMO Scheme under Nakagami Fading Channel Nagesh narayanaswamy Kallollu
FINA-46 Development of Algorithm and Scheme for Spectrum Mobility in Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Network Mardeni Roslee, Khairil Anuar, Khairunissa Ismail, Mohamad Yusoff Alias, Hafizal Mohamad, Nordin Ramli
FINA-47 Development of a Novel Path Tracking Technique for Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environment Zarina Abdul Rashid
FINA-48 A Virtual Campus Tour Service using Mobile Robots Yuka Kato
FINA-49 3D Object Categorization Using Spin-Images with MPI Parallel Implementation Ahmed Eleliemy, Doaa Hegazy, Wail Elkilani, Hossam Faheem
FINA-50 E-voting Attacks and Countermeasures M. Tarek Ibn Ziad, Amr Al-Anwar, Yousra Alkabani, Watheq El-Kharashi, Hassan Bedour
FINA-51 Data-driven Computer Go based on Hadoop Kwangjin Hong, Keechul Jung
FINA-52 An Energy Efficient Distributed Link Scheduling Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Enqing Dong, Yue Jiang, Qiao Fulong, Wang Jiaren, Zongjun Zou, Dejing Zhang, Li Li
FINA-53 Service-oriented Communication Abstractions for Dependable Distributed Information Systems Kaliappa Ravindran
FINA-55 A review of large scale resource management simulation toolkits: Builiding simulations for Internet of Things Stelios Sotiriadis, Nik Bessis, Navonil Mustafee
FINA-56 Securing Optical Network Access with Post-Switching Coding Scheme of Signatures Reconfiguration Jen-Fa Huang, Kai-Sheng Chen, Sheng-Hui Meng, Ying-Chen Lin
FINA-57 Community Clustering Algorithm On semantic similarity In Complex Network Nan Lu
FINA-58 Utilization-Aware Channel Allocation and Routing for Mesh Networks for Battery-Powered Surveillance Cameras HyungWon Kim
FINA-59 Replacing Socket Communication by REST Open API for Acquisition Tax Analyzer Development Hocheol Lim, Min Min Choi

Accepted Paper List of HWISE-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



HEAT: Horizontal moveable Energy-efficient Adaptive Threshold-based Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks Azam Afridi, Nadeem Javaid, Shawana Jamil, Mariam Akbar, Zahoor A Khan, Umar Qasim


A Joint Error Correction and ICI Cancellation Algorithm for OFDM Systems Latif Ullah Khan, Muhammad Irfan Khattak, Naeem Khan


A Hierarchical Hashing Scheme to Accelerate Longest Prefix Matching Hai Sun, Yan Sun, Victor C. Valgenti, Min S Kim 


A Novel Trajectory-Based Routing Algorithm for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Leandro N. Balico, Horacio Oliveira, Raimundo Barreto, Antonio A.F. Loureiro, Richard W. Pazzi 


Impact of Acoustic Propagation Models on Depth-based Routing Techniques in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Mohsin Raza Jafri, Nadeem Javaid, Naeem Amjad, Mariam Akbar, Zahoor A Khan, Umar Qasim 


An Intelligent Method for Management of Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks Azim Keshtkar, Siamak Arzanpoor


Wireless Communication Infrastructure for a Short-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Joao Paulo Bodanese, Gustavo Medeiros de Araújo, Cristoph Steup, Guilherme Raffo, Leandro Buss Becker


Design of a Mix Network using Connectivity Index - a Novel Privacy Enhancement Approach Rajan Ma, Hemant Kumar Rath, P. Balamuralidhar 


Performance Analysis of a Non-Preemptive Hybrid WSN Protocol in Mobile Environments Israel Leyva-Mayorga, Mario E. Rivero-Angeles, Chadwick Carreto-Arellano


Proposal of a method detecting malicious processes Takumi Yamamoto, Kiyoto Kawauchi, Shoji Sakurai


An Enhanced Aggregation Protocol for Network Monitoring Tarek M. N. Atallah, Wail Elkilani


A Beaconing-based Opportunistic Service Discovery Protocol for Vehicular Networks Roberto S. Yokoyama, Bruno Yuji Lino Kimura, Luz Jaimes, Edson D. S. Moreira


Flow-based Conflict Detection in OpenFlow Networks Using First-Order Logic Bruno Lopes Alcantara Batista, Gustavo Augusto Lima de Campos, Marcial P Fernandez 


Performance Evaluation of TDMA MAC Protocol on the Basis of Proactive and Reactive Routing Protocols Nisar Ahmad, Ehsan Ullah Munir, Muhammad Aslam 


Impacts of Periodical Burst Packet Loss on Streaming Applications - Focusing on a Mobile Network in a High-Speed Train - Masanori Terada, Kunitake Kaneko, Fumio Teraoka 


Fluid simulation in Multiagent platform JADE Lukas Zaoralek, Petr Gajdos 


Effectiveness of DNS-based security approaches in large-scale networks Maziar Janbeglou, Habib Naderi, Nevil Brownlee


C-SCAN: An Energy-Efficient Network Layer Security Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Sanjay Kumar Dhurandher, Isaac Woungang, Issa Traore 

Accepted Paper List of ICAES-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



Semantic Valence Modeling: Emotion Recognition and Affective States in Context-Aware Systems

Philip Moore , Fatos Xhafa , Leonard Barolli


Object-Oriented Context Modeling: Using Relational Data Structures

Jagdev Bhogal, Philip Moore


An Initial Analysis Of The Contextual Information Available Within Auction Posts On Contract Cheating Agency Websites

Thomas Lancaster, Robert Clarke


Cultural Transformation to Support the Adoption of Green IT

William M. Campbell, Philip More, Mak Sharma

Accepted Paper List of ITIS-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



Context-Aware User Profiling and Multimedia Content Classification for Smart Devices

Abayomi M. Otebolaku and Maria T. Andrade


Towards Understanding the Use of Wiki in Agile Software Development

Pankaj Kamthan


A Proposal and Evaluation of Electricity Reduction Method in Home

Takaya Okamoto and Akio Koyama


SmartLocService: Place Identification Method Using Space Dependent Information for Indoor Location-Based Services

Tatsuro Hachiya and Masaki Bandai


Analysis of the film selection process for a film festival

Masashi Inoue and Sakie Sakuma

Accepted Paper List of IWDENS-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



Lightweight Safety Confirmation System for Large-Scale Disaster

Hiroaki YUZE, Shinichi NABETA, Masao IZUMI


Construction of Integrated Safety Confirmation System Using the IC Card

Tomoyuki Ishida, Yoichiro Shimizu, Kazuhiro Takahagi, Akira Sakuraba, Noriki Uchida, Yoshitaka Shibata


Performance Evaluation of PC Router based Cognitive Wireless Network for Disaster-Resilient WANs

Goshi Sato, Noriki Uchida, Yoshitaka Shibata


Parallel Infrastructures and Systems for Near-Field Tsunami Detection and Impact Assessment

Yagiz Onat Yazir, Josh Erickson, Yvonne Coady


A New Wireless Micro-balloon Network for Disaster Use

Yoshitaka Shbata, Sanetaka Arimoto, Yuji Ohashi, Noriki Uchida


Disaster Management Projects using Wireless Sensor Networks: An Overview

Imane Benkhelifa, Nadia Nouali-Taboudjemat, Samira Moussaoui


Automotive Sensor Network Platform for Disaster Information System

Go Hirakawa, Phyu Phyu Kywe, Yoshitaka Shibata


Proposal of Dynamic FEC Controls with Population Estimation Methods for Delay Tolerant Networks

Noriki Uchida, Noritaka Kawamura, Kazuo Takahata, Yoshitaka Shibata


Omnidirectional Video and sensor data Collection and Distribution System on Challenged Communication Environment

Kenta Ito, Go Hirakawa, Yoshitaka Shibata

Accepted Paper List of MAW-2013

Paper Id

Paper Title



Collaborator Recommendation for Isolated Researchers

Tin Huynh, Atsuhiro Takasu, Tomonari Masada, Kiem Hoang


Mining Hidden Concepts: Using Short Text Clustering and Wikipedia Knowledge

Cheng-Lin Yang, Nuttakorn Benjamasutin, Yun-Heh Chen-Burger


Semantic Properties of Customer Sentiment in Tweets

Eun Hee Ko, Diego Klabjan


Game Theory Based Recommendation Mechanism for Taxi-Sharing

Sheng-Tzong Cheng, Jian-Pan Li, Gwo-Jiun Horng


Comparative Topic Analysis of Japanese and Chinese Bloggers

Liyi Zheng, Tian Nie, Ichiro Moriya, Yusuke Inoue, Takakazu Imada, Takehito Utsuro, Yasuhide Kawada, Noriko Kando


Reputation on Stack Exchange: Tag, Youユre It!

Laura MacLeod


Location-Based Analysis of Developers and Technologies on GitHub

David Rusk


A Database Selection Method for Cherry Blossom Movies based on Changing Trend of Color Frequency

Masato Kasahara, Shu Li, Kosuke Takano


Consumer Transactions on the Web

Aili Gulinaer, Kin Fun Li

Accepted Paper List of NetMM-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



Controlling Network Processors By Using Packet Processing Cores

Yasusi Kanada


Role-Based Self-Appointment for Autonomic Management of Resources

Patricia Endo, André Palhares, Marcelo Santos, Glauco Gonçalves, Djamel F H Sadok, Judith Kelner, Azimeh Sefidcon and Fetahi Wuhib


A Trust Monitoring approach based on Formal Testing

Jorge Lopez, Xiaoping Che, Stephane Maag and Gerardo Morales


Automatic Code Instrumentation for Converged Service Monitoring and Fault Detection

Diego Adrada, Esteban Salazar, Julian Rojas and Juan Carlos Corrales

Accepted Paper List of PAEWN-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



On the Impact of Network Topology on Wireless Sensor Networks Performances -- Illustration with Geographic Routing

Tony Ducrocq; Nathalie Mitton; Michael Hauspie; Sara Pizzi


Optimizing Bit Transmission Power for Link Layer Energy Efficiency

Mahdieh Shadi, Hamideh Afsarmanesh


Performance Analysis of Artificial Neural Network-based Learning Schemes for Cognitive Radio Systems in LTE-UL

Ahsan Adeel; Hadi Larijani; Ali Ahmadinia


Secure Data in Wireless Hospital Networks

Ben Othman Soufiene; Abdelbasset Trad; Habib Youssef


Theoretical Analysis and Performance Simulation of In-Band LTE Mobile Relays in Railway Environments

Jaime Calle-Sanchez; David De-Antonio-Monte; Mariano Molina-Garcia; José Ignacio Alonso-Montes


Performance Study for Vertical Handover Between UMTS and WiFi Enhanced by IEEE802.21

Abedelaziz Khalil


Kernel Principal Subspace based Outlier Detection Method in Wireless Sensor Networks

Oussama Ghorbel; Mohamed Abid; Hichem Snoussi

Accepted Paper List of PAMS-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



Using Concurrent Multipath Transfer to Improve the SCTP Startup Behavior for PSTN Signaling Traffic

Karl-Johan Grinnemo, Anna Brunström, Jun Cheng


Out-of-order Transmission for In-Order Arrival Scheduling Policy for Multipath TCP

Fan Yang, Qi Wang, Paul Amer


Retransmission Timeout Estimation for Low-Delay Applications using Multipath RTP

Ralf Globisch, Yago Sanchez, Thomas Schierl, Keith Ferguson, Thomas Wiegand


Impact of Path Selection and Scheduling Policies on MPTCP Performance

Behnaz Arzani, Alexander Gurney, Shuotian Cheng, Roch Guerin, Boon Thau Loo


Measuring the QoS Characteristics of Operational 3G Mobile Broadband Networks

Simone Ferlin-Oliveira, Thomas Dreibholz, Özgü Alay, Amund Kvalbein


LEDBAT-MP – On the Application of "Lower-than-Best-Effort" for Concurrent Multipath Transfer

akim Adhari, Sebastian Werner, Thomas Dreibholz, Erwin Rathgeb

Accepted Paper List of PITSaC-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



Augmented Reality based Smart City Services using Secure IoT Infrastructure

Boris Pokric, Srdjan Krco and Maja Pokric


Domotic evolution towards the IoT

Vittorio Miori and Dario Russo


IPv6 as a global adressing scheme and integrator for the Internet of Things and the Cloud

Sebastien Ziegler; Cedric Crettaz; Ian Thomas


Dynamic Bandwidth Distribution for Entertainment Vehicular Networks Applications

Thais Silva, Ronan Mendon軋, Fabricio Silva, Linnyer Beatryz Ruiz and Antonio Loureiro


An Architecture for the Real-Time Dissemination of Heterogeneous Data using IMS

Raymond Peterkin and Dan Ionescu


The Need of a Hybrid Storage Approach for IoT in PaaS Cloud Federation

Maria Fazio, Antonio Celesti, Massimo Villari and Antonio Puliafito


MEGA: An Internet of Things-based model for smart water management

Tom疽 Robles, Diego Mart�� de Andr駸, Ramon Alcarria and Augusto Morales


Challenges of the Internet of Things : IPv6 and Network Management

Hanane Lamaazi, Nabil Benamar, Antonio J. Jara, Latif Ladid, Driss El Ouadghiri


A Framework for Citizen Participation in the Internet of Things

Victoria Moreno Cano, Jose Luis Hernandez, Antonio F. Skarmeta, Michele Nati, Nick Palaghias, Alexander Gluhak and Rob van Kranenburg


A Distributed Location-Aware Access Control for Smart Buildings

Victoria Moreno Cano, Jose Luis Hernandez and Antonio F. Skarmeta


Big Data in Smart Cities: From Poisson to Human Dynamics

Antonio J. Jara, Dominique Genoud, Yann Bocchi


Enabling a Personal Internet of Things through Bluetooth Low Energy

Antonio J. Jara, David Fernandez Ros, Pablo Lopez Martinez, Jose Felix Castillo, and Jesus Alberto Galvez

Accepted Paper List of SMPE-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



A Multi-Token Authorization Strategy for Secure Mobile Cloud Computing Azeem Ahmad


K-Anonymity for Privacy Preserving Crime Data Publishing in Resource Constrained Environments Anne Kayem


A Secure Framework for Communications in Heterogeneous Networks Mahdi Aiash, Glenford Mapp, Aboubaker Lasebae, Jonathan Loo


Intent Biometrics: An Enhanced Form of Multimodal Biometric Systems Erez Gilady, Dale Lindskog, Shaun Aghil


A Steganographic Approach to Localizing Botmasters Julian Rrushi


Cloud Data Integration Sharing and Service Xin HONG, ChunMing RONG


Targeted Attack Prevention at Early Stage Chia-Mei Chen, Han-Wei Hsiao, Peng-Yu Yang, Ya-Hui Ou


Enhancing the Key Distribution Model in the RFID-Enabled Supply Chains Sarah Abughazalah, Konstantinos Markantonakis


A Resource Reservation Scheme in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks for C4I Systems S. M. Kamruzzaman, Abdullah Alghamdi


An Investigation of Privacy Protocols in Location-Based Service Crystal William, Hongmei Chi


Performance Optimization by Simplification of Relationship in Scalable Layer Stream Heung Ki Lee, Kyung Jin Ahn, Jaehee Jung, Gangman Yi


The Cloud Storage Model for Manufacturing System in Global Factory Automation Hwa-Young Jeong, Jae Dong Lee, Jong Hyuk Park


Secure Authentication Mechanism in Smart Device Environment An Na Kang, Leonard Barolli

Accepted Paper List of TeNAS-2014

Paper Id

Paper Title



Automatical End to End Topology Discovery and Flow Viewer on SDN

Wun-Yuan Huang, Ta-Yuan Chou, Jen-Wei Hu, Te-Lung Liu


Congestion Control In Multi-Serviced Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Using Dynamic Pricing

Samson Orimolade and Olasibi Falowo


Downlink Femto-Macro ICI Cancellation by On Request Channel Allocation in LTE Network

Shahadate Rezvy


Big Data Analysis Techniques for Cyber-Threat Detection in Critical Infrastructures

William Hurst, Madjid Merabti, Paul Fergus


The Big Data Obstacle of Lifelogging

Chelsea Dobbins, Madjid Merabti, Paul Fergus, David Llewellyn


Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Progressive Download: Comparative Considerations

R. Pereira, E. G. Pereira