In Conjunction with 11h CISIS-2017 Conference


Intelligent computing is usually defined as advanced computing methods and techniques based on classical computational intelligence, artificial intelligence, and intelligent agents. Large-scale distributed systems, such as grids, peer-to-peer and ad-hoc networks, constellations, and clouds enable the aggregation and sharing of geographically-distributed resources from different organisation with distinct owners, administrators, and policies.

With the advent of large-scale distributed systems, where efficient inter-domain operation is one of the most important features, it is arguably required to investigate novel methods and techniques to enable secure access to data and resources, efficient scheduling, self-adaptation, decentralisation, and self-organisation. The concept of intelligent computing in large-scale systems brings together results from both areas with a positive impact on the development of new efficient data and information systems.

The aim of ICLS workshop is to gather innovative academic and industrial research results related to all aspects of intelligent computing in large-scale distributed systems, ranging from conceptual and theoretical developments to advanced technologies and innovative applications and tools. Topics of interest for the workshop include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Parallel/Distributed Meta- and Hyper-Heuristics
  • Intelligent Services and Web Intelligence in Parallel/Distributed Environments
  • Large Parallel/Distributed Multi-Agent Systems
  • Data and Computing Intensive Applications
  • Optimized Query and Performance Evaluations
  • Intelligent Mechanisms/Heuristics/Rules for Scheduling, Resource Allocation and Management in P2P, Grid, Cluster, and Cloud Computing
  • Autonomic, Adaptive, and Self-organising Distributed Computing and Systems
  • Large-scale Collaborative Problem Solving Environments
  • Methodology and Practice of Semantic Grid and Web for Large Systems
  • Large/Complex Machine Learning Environments
  • Distributed Bio-inspired Computing
  • Trust, Integration, and Security in Large-scale Distributed Systems
  • Intelligent Integration of Complex Data and Processes
  • Intelligent Methods for Large Social Networks and Virtual Enterprises
  • Nature-inspired Methods/Heuristics for Large Problem Solving Environments.
  • Algorithms and Applications relating the above mentioned research areas.