In Conjunction with 11th INCoS-2019 Conference


Extended version of accepted papers will be published in a special issue of an international journal (EI Indexed).

The rapid expansion of business relationships and processes involved led to the emerging standards and infrastructure for business collaborations. Business large or small can no longer survive alone. The efficient and effective links with the business partners and consumers become critical. Overall, the collaborations occur between the communities of buyers, i.e. service consumers and sellers, i.e. service providers.

As much of the competition occurs between services providers and services consumers along the e-business value chains, the main theme of IWCBS is on collaborative e-business systems through aspects of business-IT alignment, business process integration, mobility, technology and tools, platforms and architectures, and applications.

The workshop attempts to address the resources planning, modelling, coordination and integration in order to develop long-term sustainable and beneficial business relationships among all the partners and consumers along the value chains. Development of well-cooperated and coordinated e-business environment is crucial. Information technology has significant roles in supporting more competitive collaborative and integrated e-business systems. For business stakeholders, the long-term sustainability and efficiency are to be increasingly important. Indeed, to appropriately address the balance between the community of buyers and sellers through collaboration and support is becoming urgent. The technology trend of supply chain management and logistics is heading towards all aspects of the integration, coordination and intelligent use of the network based resources. In practical deployment of the solutions, mobility and hand held devices are to be involved.