Call for papers

Formats: PDF, DOC

Important Dates

Extended Submission Deadline:  May 1st, 2013 (HARD DEADLINE)
Authors Notification: June 3rd, 2013
Authors Registration: June 30th, 2013
Final Manuscript: June 30th, 2013
Conference Dates: September 9th-11th, 2013


Papers should be focused on past, current and emerging methods and/or use of data technologies with a particular focus to collective intelligence. For example: Data Stream, Click stream, Cloud Computing, Crowd Computing, Data Annotation, Data Architecture, Data Capture, Data Clustering/Partitioning, Data Discovery/Management, Data Grids, Data Integration, Data Management and Knowledge Engineering, Data Mashups, Data Query Systems and Languages, Data Push/Notification, Data Scheduling, Data/Text Mining, P2P, Reality Mining, Data Visualization, Emerging Applications, Emerging/Enabling Collaborative Data Technologies, Trust and Security, Web Science, Web 2.0, Ubiquitus Intelligence.

EIDWT-2013 is aiming at delivering a forum for in-depth scientific discussions amongst the communities leading to significant contributions in areas such as:

    The main topic areas include, but are not limited to:
  • Critical Reviews on Theory and Practices in Collective Intelligence
  • Ad-Hoc Social Networking Analysis, Business Intelligence
  • Self-organising Systems and Networks
  • Self-adaptive Ant Colony, Swarm and Evolutionary Agents
  • Data/Text Mining, Reality Mining, Data Clustering, Graph Partitioning
  • Ontology Management, Semantic Web, Web Services, Multi-Agents
  • Meta-Data, Annotation, Intra-/Inter Tagging, Inference Engines, Reasoning
  • Architectures, Discovery, Retrieval, Scheduling, Allocation, Monitoring
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Data Management, Data Growth, Storage, Implications
  • Web and Ubiquitous Intelligence, Reality Mining
  • Security, Trust and Reputation, Identity Management and Privacy
  • Languages, Components, Programs, Knowledge Portals and/or Applications
  • Developments and frameworks in various settings including construction industry, transportation and other control systems, sensors, smart spaces, disaster management and threat detection, bioinformatics, environmental control, energy consumption control, business, economics, supply-chain management, planning and operations, etc.

EIDWT-2013 Tracks

There are 13 tracks, being held in EIDWT-2013 International Conference:

  1. Ontologies and Metadata Representation
  2. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  3. Data Centers and Cloud Computing
  4. Management of Big Data in Clouds
  5. Web Science and Business Intelligence
  6. Data Management and Information Retrieval
  7. Social Networking and Mining
  8. Natural Inspired Computing for Collective Intelligence
  9. New Cryptographic Techniques for Data Security
  10. Groupware and Online Campuses
  11. Data Modelling, Visualisation and Representation Tools
  12. Security, Trust and Reputation
  13. Ubiquitous Intelligence and Reality Mining

EIDWT-2013 Workshops

Submit a workshop proposal to the EIDWT-2013 workshop Co-Chairs.

  1. The Third International Workshop on the Service for Large Scale Distributed Systems (SeDiS-2013)
  2. Third International Workshop on Situated Computing for Pervasive Environments (SCOPE-2013)
  3. The Second International Workshop on Cybercrimes and Emerging Web Environments (CEWE-2013)
  4. The Second International Workshop on Development and Implementation of New Systems and Tools (DINST-2013)
  5. The First International Workshop on Intelligence Information Processing and Trusted Computing (IIPTC-2013)

Please visit the workshops link or the EIDWT-2013 Workshop page for more information.