1. Second International Workshop on Situated Computing for Pervasive Environments (SCOPE-2012)

    Workshop Organizers

    Nik Bessis, University of Derby (also at University of Bedfordshire), UK
    E-mail: n.bessis[at]derby[dot]ac[dot]uk
    Michael Vassilakopoulos, University of Central Greece, Greece
    Email: mvasilako[at]ucg[dot]gr

    Fatos Xhafa, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
    E-mail: fatos[at]lsi[dot]upc[dot]edu

  2. Second International Workshop on the Service for Large Scale Distributed Systems (SeDiS-2012)

    Workshop Organizers

    Florin Pop, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
    E-mail: florin[dot]pop[at]cspub[dot]ro
    Valentin Cristea, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
    E-mail: valentin[dot]cristea[at]cs[dot]pub[dot]ro

  3. The First Workshop on Migrating Legacy Applications to Service Oriented Systems (MILES-2012)

    Workshop Organizers

    Anca Daniela Ionita, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
    E-mail: Anca[dot]Ionita[at]aii[dot]pub[dot]ro
    Marin Litoiu, York University, Canada
    E-mail: mlitoiu[at]yorku[dot]ca

  4. The First International Workshop on Cybercrimes and Emerging Web Environments (CEWE-2012)

    Workshop Organizers

    Olga Angelopoulou, University of Derby, UK
    E-mail: o[dot]angelopoulou[at]derby[dot]ac[dot]uk
    Richard Hill, University of Derby, UK
    E-mail: r[dot]hill[at]derby[dot]ac[dot]uk

  5. International Workshop on Development and Implementation of New Systems and Tools (DINST-2012)

    Workshop Organizers

    Kenzi Watanabe, Saga University, Japan
    E-mail: watanabe[at]is[dot]saga-u[dot]ac[dot]jp

  6. International Workshop on Connecting Analyses of Learning across Levels and Modalities (C2ALM-2012)

    Workshop Organizers

    Murat Perit Cakir, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
    E-mail: perit[at]ii[dot]metu[dot]edu[dot]tr
    Gerry Stahl, Drexel University, USA
    E-mail: gerry[dot]stahl[at]drexel[dot]edu

Submit a workshop proposal to the EIDWT-2012 workshop Co-Chairs.

EIDWT-2012 Workshop Co-Chairs:

Dana Petcu, West University of Timisoara, Romania

Leonard Barolli, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan

Richard Hill, University of Derby, UK